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"What a great idea. Tax basic necessities...."

Interested in "Consuming"
What a surprise when I showed my August/01 copy of the magazine to my husband, thinking he might be interested in the advertising article ("Consuming Interests")!
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Taxing problem
What a great idea. Tax basic necessities (food and medicine) purchased by street vendors who must make at least a couple of dollars a day ("The Iron Taxman Cometh," August/01).
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Marriage, fulfillment, divorce?
Don Browning's research on marriage reported in the August/01 "Investigations" contains a major inconsistency, due, I believe, to his attempt to be politically correct (having been a professor for 40 years I know about the pressure to be politically correct).
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Chaos by the numbers
Your readers may be interested to know that the article and letters about office chaos ("Kings of Chaos," June/01, and "Letters," August/01) reflect at least partially the "perception" (to use the favorite fatuous word of the radical post-realists of the late 1960s) that the University is suffering an ever-worsening "office space crisis."


Meaningful corrections
Perhaps I might remind your editors of the meaning of "eponymous." If B is named after Mr. A, then the eponymous Mr. A is the eponym of B. Mr. Shapiro ("Consuming Interests," August/01) and Marguerite ("The Iron Taxman Cometh," August/01) are eponymous; the firms named after them are not.


Martin Levit and patriotism
As a student of Martin Levit, SB'40, AM'47, PhD'49, I was amused to see him (a Big Ten best scholar-athlete and veteran with two Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, and the Navy Cross) used in a letter from Francis T. Davis, SB'47 ("Letters," August/01) as a counterpoint in the ongoing discussion resulting from the April/01 story on Karl Meyer.
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Beyond the free market
I was interested to read Pejman Yousefzadeh's response to Studs Terkel's analysis of the New Deal's impact on the Depression and the U.S. economy ("Letters," August/01). The writer criticizes Mr. Terkel's crediting of these programs and then credits World War II as the engine that drove the economy back to health.
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Photographic memories
I enjoyed reading Seth Endo's essay, "Picture This" (June/01), on how he documented his memories of the College. I was particularly excited to see that he used a Polaroid i-Zone Instant Pocket Camera. As a marketing manager in charge of i-Zone, I'm happy to see that even U of C students use this camera, a product targeted mainly to teens. (Does this say something about U of C students or the camera?!?)
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O-Week goes way back
The letter from Isadore Richlin ("Letters," June/01) called my attention to the question of the beginning of Orientation Week. Mr. Richlin notes that he experienced it in 1932. Orientation Week and indeed the white booklet detailing the schedule of the week go back to at least 1922 or 1923.


Right idea, wrong course
A look at the June/01 "Letters" compels an agitated, albeit belated, response: Some pink-cheeked kid who was AB'53 says the College curriculum was not really very Great Booksy and "was designed to culminate in a course titled Organizations, Methods and Principles of the Sciences."


Authors' queries
With the permission of the estate of Thornton Wilder, Robin G. Wilder and I are editing an edition of the correspondence of American man of letters Thornton Wilder, who taught at the University of Chicago during the 1930s.
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Department of Corrections
Several inaccuracies were introduced in the August/01 "Chicago Journal." The caption identifying Saul Levmore ("Uncommon Law: New Dean Builds on Old Model," page 14) should have read, "Saul Levmore takes the helm at the Law School," while a "For the Record" item on page 13 should have noted that John Bahcall, SM'57, who was recently elected to the American Philosophical Society, is professor of natural sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. We regret the errors.

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