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Fat free

Bariatric surgery can seem like a miracle to patients desperate to drop pounds and to doctors looking for a treatment. Experts warn it can be risky business for both.
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image:  natural abstraction Natural abstraction
Ceramist Ruth Duckworth thinks big and small, rough and organic, honed and geometric, in a seven-city retrospective exhibition.Work by the art professor emerita is also on display year-round in the University’s Henry Hinds Laboratory.
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image:  Confessions of a scholar-blogger Lives of a poet
Hayden Carruth, AM’47, has the marks of a successful poet—including the National Book Award for Poetry. But his road to literary laurels has had more than its share of agonizing detours.
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image:  too late in the day The school of rock
The winner of the Magazine’s fifth annual future alumni essay contest is an anthropology major who won the prize with a little help from her friends.
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