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Letters...Why don’t you return to the status quo ante?

Why help the competition?

It is bad enough that books written by Chicago graduates are being relegated to the cyber version of the Magazine, but now you are running ads for Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Harvard’s summer-school program for secondary students, and Yale’s MBA executive program.

This can mean only one of two things. Either the editorial staff at the Magazine believes that academics at Chicago has taken a recent nosedive so that alumni should send their progeny to other academic institutions or that Chicago is so broke that we now have to turn to competitors to fund our alumni magazine.

What next—ads for Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar in GM’s annual report?

John R. Selig, MBA’77

Like the writer, the Magazine staff is adamant in its conviction that there is only one Chicago. At the same time, the Magazine is a member of the Ivy League Magazine Network (as are Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale) and accepts advertising from those schools and elsewhere.—Ed.

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