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Letters...Why don’t you return to the status quo ante?

Question about the questions

In regards to “Question Authority” (“College Report,” February/05): I’m sure other alumni have brought this up, but that question (“Suppose you were an astronaut on Mars whose spaceship had broken down...”) came up at least as early as the 1982–83 application year. I clearly recall picking that question in fall 1982.

The article brought back a very pleasant memory. My time at the University has greatly molded the way I examine situations, ideas, or a film—using an analytical, at times deconstructionist, approach as friends or colleagues have pointed out.

This influence probably started with that question. It was a query that got my imagination kicking and made me ignore the other two, more linear options. I recall the fun and energy of writing my answer and applying both ideas of twinning and spirituality in my response. And realizing years later that I could have made a good and interesting case for the opposing view.

My College education was tough, demanding, and sometimes overwhelming, but moments like those make me appreciate the impact the school had on me.

Frank Hui, AB’87
Austin, Texas

Hui is correct: the question did debut in fall 1982, as part of the 1983–84 College application.—Ed.

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