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:: By Jenny Fisher, AB'07

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On the Quads

This past academic year 13 College fourth-years and two alumni won 2007–08 U.S. Fulbright Student Fellowships, the highest number in College history. The winners will travel to France, Russia, Jordan, China, Taiwan, Germany, and Austria, among other countries. The program provides 9–12 month grants for teaching and research abroad....

Other seniors’ work will pay off in the States next year. English major and aspiring writer Martyna Majok, AB’07, won a 2007 Merage Foundation American Dream fellowship—a two-year, $20,000 stipend given to exceptional immigrant college students. Majok, who is Polish, has written a play based on her life that she hopes to adapt into a novel. Meanwhile classics and history major Nicholas Marinides, AB‘07, became the first Chicago student to win a Bliss Prize Fellowship in Byzantine Studies. With the fellowship, which covers graduate-school tuition and living expenses for two years, Marinides will work toward a Princeton doctorate in history....

They’re not quite Eliot Ness, AB’25, but two College students got their 15 minutes of fame for fighting crime. Rachel McFadden, ‘10, and Zachary Trayes-Gibson, ‘08, were walking down East 56th Street one April night when they heard a scream and saw a woman knocked to the ground by an attacker. McFadden shouted, “Hey!” and ran to help her while Trayes-Gibson chased away the would-be robber. The woman turned out to be former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun, JD’72, and McFadden and Trayes-Gibson made the Sun-Times, the Tribune, and CNN....

With a record 2,783 students voting, the Your SG slate defeated Most Known Unknowns by only 41 votes in this year’s Student Government (SG) elections. Current SG College Council chair Scott Duncombe, ‘08, will become president; Hilary Fruitman, ‘10, will be vice president for administration; and Matt Kennedy, ‘09, will be vice president for student affairs. The new slate had already planned meetings with the professional and graduate schools, talks with students about the new Crerar coffee shop, and updates for the SG Web site.