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[Chalk Talk] Chalk talk

Courses on the University’s Web-based platform, Chalk, in the 2006–2007 school year: 3,206

Percent increase in courses using Chalk since its 2001–2002 inaugural year: 392 percent

Average number of users who accessed Chalk for electronic syllabi, grades, readings, and discussion boards on Mondays in autumn 2006: 10,644

Average number of users who access Chalk on Saturdays: 4,387

Web site hits per day in autumn 2006: 938,750

Amount of data, in Manhattan telephone directory volumes,
transferred in autumn 2006’s daily Chalk traffic: 1,200

Data transferred in human genomes per day: 6

Data transferred in gigabytes per day: 17.95

Chalk training sessions offered for faculty and TAs each quarter: 30

Training-session attendees per quarter: 200