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Amy Zucker’s art is inspired by a group of people whom she sees regularly: the elderly. A registered nurse and geriatric case manager, Zucker, MFA’98, has created a series of dresses made from or inspired by nursing-home supplies such as adult diapers and hypodermic needles. An earnest commentary on the elderly’s tenuous access to medical resources and assistance, the dresses are not without humor. Take the gown on the left created from diapers: Zucker has known people married for 75 years—they’ve seen each other at the best and worst of times. Zucker’s designs (left–right): Diaper Dress, Medicine Dress, Latex Glove Coat, Geritol Dress, and Money Dress (all mixed media).

Faith in farming

Fred Kirschenmann, AM’62, PhD’64, wants to pass on his self-taught sustainable-agriculture lessons to younger generations.

Music man

Grammy-nominated children's singer Justin Roberts, AM’99, appeals to both kids and adults.

Elusive virtue

Duke political scientist Ruth Grant, AB’71, AM’75, PhD’84, searches for altruism.

Open Mike

Filmmaker Roy Germano, AM'03, explores Mexican immigration from both sides of the border.


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