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Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) all former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) all former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

Alumni Award-winners from Reunion 1995

From Front Lines to Registration Lines

With the end of World War II, returning servicemen and women eager to further their studies on the GI Bill flooded campus. In the first six months of 1946, the number of admissions applications already topped a typical year's total by 1,000.


Barbara Snow Anderson, AB'70, married John H. Romani on August 19, 1994, in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, where he is a professor emeritus of public-health administration. Linda Smith Crnic, AB'70, is a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Karen L. Katen, AB'70, MBA'74, executive vice president of the U.S. pharmaceuticals group at Pfizer, is on the board of directors of Harris Corporation. Stuart A. Newman, PhD'70, a professor of cell biology and anatomy at New York Medical College, received the college's 1994 dean's distinguished research award for his work in developmental biology and tissue morphogenesis. Lluis G. Renart-Cava, MBA'70, is head of the alumni division of IESE, the international graduate business school of the University of Navarra in Barcelona.

71 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Linda May Fitzgerald, AB'71, AM'74, PhD'90, see 1984, Christian P. Gruber. Margo P. Jones, AB'71, and her partner, Christopher Sikes, recently became the parents of Olga (4) and Natasha (3) Jones-Sikes, who came to them from Perm, Russia. William C. Richardson, MBA'64, PhD'71, left the presidency of Johns Hopkins University this summer to become president and CEO of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the nation's second-largest philanthropic foundation. Eileen J. Shields, MAT'71, is an attorney with the Lawyer's Disciplinary Committee in New York City. She would love to hear from classmates.


Sally R. Banes, AB'72, who chairs the University of Wisconsin dance program, received the 1994-95 Howard D. Rothschild fellowship in dance from the Harvard Theatre Collection. Her 1993 book, Greenwich Village 1963: Avant-Garde Performance and the Effervescent Body, earned a special citation from the de la Torre Bueno prize panel of the Dance Perspectives Foundation. Edith Edwards Hannah, MST'72, retired from the Chicago Board of Education at the end of the 1993-94 school year. William G. Karis, MBA'72, is president of CONSOL, Inc.

Neal S. Millard, JD'72, is an adjunct law professor at the University of Southern California Law Center, where he teaches international finance. His first child, Kendall Layne, was born July 25, 1994. Pamela Reichl, AB'72, AM'74, graduated from the University of Illinois in December 1994 with a master's degree in library and information science. She was working to pass a tax-support referendum for her local volunteer library before the April 1995 election. Andrew L. Segal, AB'72, producer of CNN special reports, won a national news and documentary Emmy award last September for producing "Our Planetary Police," a one-hour documentary about the U.N.'s attempt to redefine its role in the post-cold war era. Peggy A. Sullivan, PhD'72, is an associate with the Chicago executive-search firm Tuft & Associates, where she specializes in searches for libraries and information centers. Faye K. Zucker, AB'72, AM'75, is managing acquisitions editor for Teachers College Press at Columbia University and has moved the home base of her medical-book production company, Edelsack Zucker Editorial Service, from New York City to Vestal, NY.


John L. Chastain, AB'73, edits The Chestnut Tree, the journal of the Pierre Chastain Family Association. Rosemary Likey Hake, AM'67, PhD'73, is an English professor at California State University, Los Angeles. She was a visiting professor in American studies at Blaise Pascal Université in Clermont-Ferrand, France, for the first half of 1995. Kazimiera Stypka, AM'73, has a private practice for individual, couple, and family therapy in Victoria, British Columbia. She is busy organizing workshops for counselors and providing counseling throughout lower Vancouver Island and Vancouver. John J. Tyson, PhD'73, a professor of cellular and molecular biology at Virginia Tech, is co-chief editor of the Journal of Theoretical Biology. Stuart A. Kauffman, CLA'75, one of Tyson's doctoral advisers at the University, formerly held the position.


Sheldon I. Banoff, JD'74, chaired the U of C Law School's 47th annual federal tax conference, held in Chicago. Jonathan O. Harris, AB'74, is medical director of North Broward Neurological Institute's Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center (FL). Son Jacob, 5, made his acting debut as a fairy in the play Snow White. Calvin E. Hayes, AB'74, a data-processing consultant with Keane, Inc., for five years, celebrated 20 years in data processing in October. Marjorie Lange Schaffner, AM'70, PhD'74, is president of the national marketing division of Metromail. On September 10, she and husband Robert will celebrate their first anniversary. Sharon K. Stephens, AB'74, AM'78, PhD'84, see 1975, Ann Grodzins Gold. David A. Weinberg, SB'74, is an associate professor of mathematics at Texas Tech University. When not researching harmonic analysis, algebraic geometry, and linear algebra, he plays basketball and piano but finds it "lonely in Lubbock."


Barbara Bruns Bachrach, AB'75, and husband Miguel announce the October 26 birth of son Eric Pedro, who joined sister Elena, now 5. Anthony J. Barrett, AB'75, MBA'77, and Marguerite Kelly, AB'75, MBA'78, have been living in Cairo for almost three years, "enjoying the cultural intensity of life and learning a little Arabic." Barrett is in Egypt to develop business opportunities in natural gas for Amoco. Ann Grodzins Gold, AB'75, AM'78, PhD'84, a religion professor at Syracuse University, spent most of 1993 as a Fulbright senior research fellow in rural North India, studying cultural constructions of the natural environment. An article based on that fieldwork, "Drawing Pictures in the Dust: Rajasthani Children's Landscapes," appeared in a special issue of the journal Childhood, edited by Sharon K. Stephens, AB'74, AM'78, PhD'84. Stuart A. Kauffman, CLA'75, see 1973, John J. Tyson.

Charles H. Koch, Jr., LLM'75, the Woodbridge professor of law at the College of William and Mary, has completed a supplement to Administrative Practice and Procedure and is an adviser for the Virginia Code Commission. Barry A. Kozyra, AB'75, is a trustee of the nonprofit Legal Services Foundation of Essex County, NJ, providing legal-services funding for the poor. Managing partner of Walder, Sondak & Brogan, P.A., Kozyra specializes in litigation. Married to wife Cheryl for nine years, he spends his spare time "trying to keep up with the unending activities" of daughters Jillian Elizabeth, 7, and Alexandra Antoinette, 4. Philip R. Pitruzzello, AB'75, is president and CEO of Battery Park City Authority, a New York state public-benefit corporation intended to develop the area as a residential and commercial center. Michael Rusli, AB'75, MD'79, has been happily married to his wife, Ann, for ten years. They have two sons, ages 6 and 7, and full-time careers. Rusli would like to hear from old friends at 1162 Quail Hollow Road, Hummelstown, PA 17036.

76 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

James E. Boggan, MD'76, is a professor of neurological surgery at the University of California, Davis. He and wife Jennie have a 5-year-old daughter, Jordan, "who already plans to go to the U of C." Julie Mallory Church, AM'76, is associate director of the office of multicultural and community affairs for Rowan College of New Jersey. Edward T. Cotham, Jr., AM'76, is president of The Terry Company in Houston. Ellen L. Longsworth, AM'76, is an associate professor and chair of the fine-arts department at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. Patrick E. Shrout, PhD'76, chairs NYU's psychology department.


Arthur D. Durant, AM'78, is a professor of alcoholism sciences at Governors State University. Barbara Shaeffer Schmitt, AB'78, married Ronald Schmitt on May 14, 1994. She writes, "Added bonuses are Becky, 16; Tyson, 14; and Lorelei, 11, not to mention a dog and three cats. It's never boring!" Martin S. Simon, AB'78, completed a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean and Red seas and the Arabian Gulf aboard the U.S.S. George Washington. He served as a congressional and White House staff escort during the Normandy ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of D-Day.


Richard L. Benedict, AB'85, and his wife, Cynthia Cobb Benedict, AB'84, announce the November 1 birth of son James Galen, who joins sister Sarah, now 5. They have moved from Wheaton, IL, to Texas, where Richard is developing electric-power plants for Amoco. He would like to hear from U of C alumni at 713/395-4583. James G. Buss, AB'79, MD'83, was featured on a 48 Hours special on fighting pain. Buss was shown performing a hysterectomy using hypnotherapy instead of conventional anesthesia. He and wife Susan live in the Minneapolis suburbs, where he practices with the Columbia Park Medical Group. Michael A. Donnella, JD'79, enjoyed seeing everyone at the 1994 Law School reunion. Bradley S. Gerratt, MBA'79, AM'79, has been promoted to director of the John F. Kennedy Library, where he had been deputy director since November 1988. Michael H. Potts, MBA'79, president of Hammond Communications, which specializes in direct-mail and database systems, has signed a long-term, strategic-alliance agreement with Dan Howard Maternity and Mother Time. Joseph H. Ulowetz, AB'79, SM'81, and Mary Savitsky-Ulowetz, AM'81, announce the December 24 birth of Christina Nicole.


Christopher Baine, MBA'80, recently returned to the U.S. after seven years with Solomon Brothers in Japan, and now works for the company in New York City. Baine is married with four children. Gail M. Ellingwood, AB'80, and Dan D. Greenway, X'80, married in 1986 and live at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains with two dogs and four cats. She is a senior consultant at Booz-Allen and Hamilton and the president of Blue Ridge Breads, a home-based baking company. Christopher P. ("Kip") Hall, JD'80, writes that his law firm's name was changed to Piliero, Goldstein, Jenkins & Hall and is located at 292 Madison Avenue in New York City. He invites classmates to visit. Steven L. Reynolds, AB'80, was granted tenure and promoted to associate professor in Arizona State University's philosophy department. He and wife Sharman have three sons, Andrew, 5; Benjamin, 3; and Daniel, 1. Rachel Flick Wildavsky, AB'80, is a senior staff editor at Reader's Digest. She and husband Ben live in San Francisco with their daughter, Eva Miriam.

81 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Carol A. Barrette, AB'81, started a foot-and-ankle clinic in Massachusetts after completing an orthopaedic surgery residency at Yale. Jennifer Briggs Braswell, AB'81, was a Fulbright scholar in Belize in 1994 and "will be there in 1995 with fingers crossed for funding." Her research concerns the ancient Mayan nonroyal elite. J. Mike Craven, AB'81, finished his otolaryngology residency at the University of Cincinnati and is now on staff at Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. he and his wife, Peri L. Gruber, AB'82, announce the January 1994 birth of Hank, who joined Lillian, 3, and Mickey, 5. Patricia Dwyer-Hallquist, PhD'81, left her industrial-research position to have more time with her husband and two sons, 4 and 7. She now does freelance indexing of science books. Jonathan H. Lemberg, AB'82, works in the Hong Kong office of the law firm of Morrison & Foerster. Wendy Beth Oliver, AB'81, see 1983, Sue A. Fisher-Young. Gary D. Raymond, MBA'81, announces the October 13 birth of daughter Tova Rachel, who joined brothers Nathan, now 4, and Samuel, now 2. Carlos G. Rizowy, AM'75, PhD'81, is honorary consul of Uruguay for the Midwest. He continues to practice law, specializing in international law and foreign policy. Mary Savitsky-Ulowetz, AM'81, see 1979, Joseph H. Ulowetz. Michael A. Todt, CLA'72, AM'72, PhD'81, is CEO of Sharpe Hospital in Weston, WV.


Jerrold R. Brandell, PhD'82, recently traveled to Israel as a guest of the University of Haifa School of Social Work, where he presented a paper at the school's fall faculty seminar. Brandell presented a second paper at Bar-Ilan University. Associate professor and chair of the graduate concentration in mental health at the Wayne State University School of Social Work, he is editor-in-chief of The Journal of Analytic Social Work. Charles H. Cannon, Jr., MBA'82, vice president of FMC Corporation and general manager of its food-machinery group, is headquartered in Brussels. Mary Borchardt Freeman, AB'82, celebrates six years of marriage to John this fall. After six years at the Art Institute of Chicago, last fall she started a new job as senior communications analyst at Northwestern Technologies Group. Writer Katherine B. Griffith, AB'82, and her husband, Soren, announce the September 24, 1993, birth of daughter Savannah Rose. They spent 1994 in Chile while he did doctoral research. Peri L. Gruber, AB'82, see 1981, J. Mike Craven. Patrick J. Larkin, AB'82, has written three books with Larry Bond; the two have a new book, Blindside, coming out later this year. Larkin has signed a contract with Warner Books for his own book. Jonathan H. Lemberg, AB'82, see 1981, Jonathan H. Lemberg. Christopher J. Lesieutre, AB'82, announces the November 1 birth of daughter Rebecca Anne. He formed his own public relations/advertising agency-"still going strong"-in Hungerford, UK, two years ago. Rebecca L. Madigan, MBA'82, is project manager at Dun & Bradstreet Software in Columbus, OH. Cynthia Stearns Monroe, AM'77, MBA'82, is marketing manager of Cambridge Technology Partners' central region. Larry W. Whitlow, AB'82, retired after three years as a "technomercenary" in Tokyo to "'Thoreau' himself into a new career of poetry and travel, love and adventure, bicycling and juggling. Winter '95 in the Philippines and after that-??? Postcards from the fringes to anybody who writes: 3007 Avenue Loire, Oak Brook, IL 60521."


David M. Altschuler, AM'75, PhD'83, was part of the Maryland governor-elect's transition policy group on public safety. Michael T. Baldwin, AB'83, moved to Manhattan and is president of TvMarketing, a marketing firm that provides support to distributors of programming and ancillary rights. He is single and has a 2-year-old daughter, Hayley. David B. Brooks, AB'83, see 1984, Jane M. Hughes. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Nichols Brosch, AB'83, celebrated ten years of marriage with the February 26, 1994, birth of daughter Rebecca Elizabeth. Sherman S. Fan, MBA'83, is director of finance and administration for MoSys Inc., a start-up semiconductor company. Sue A. Fisher-Young, AB'83, recently had her second child. Shortly after giving birth, she was visited by Wendy Beth Oliver, AB'81, who had just returned from a yearlong trip around the world. Fisher-Young, the assistant radiation-safety officer at California State University, Fullerton, is active in state and local organizations in the health and safety field. In May 1994, she moderated an open forum on women in science for the Southern California Academy of Science annual meeting. Constance R. Kanter, MBA'83, is director of finance and administration at Teledesic Corporation, which is developing a global satellite-communications network for broadband application. Andrew C. MacLachlan, AB'83, promoted to major in the U.S. Marine Corps, assumed new duties as the legal adviser for the joint task force Provide Promise in Yugoslavia. He and wife Heidi had their second child, Anthony Thomas. Michael W. Miller, MBA'83, is president and CEO of Spatial Positioning Systems. Jonathan S. Och, MBA'83; his wife, Rita; and their 2-year-old son, Sam, moved to London in December. Och runs the forward foreign exchange and short-term interest rate swap department for Swiss Bank Corporation. Amy Rosenblatt Rosoff, AB'83, and husband Charles announce the November 13 birth of daughter Heather Fay. They live in Stamford, CT. Amy is an assistant vice president in human resources for Citibank. Allan J. Rothman, AB'83, MBA'88, and his wife, Elaine, announce the June 8, 1994, birth of son Marc David. They live in Yorktown Heights, NY. Judith A. M. Scully, AB'83, a civil- and human-rights attorney and community activist in Chicago, received a women's leadership award from Chicago Women in Philanthropy in February. Scully was honored for her work in women's reproductive rights and social-justice issues.


John C. Baum, AM'84, and Laura M. Satersmoen, AM'86, were married at Bond Chapel on October 9, 1993. The reception was at the Smart Museum. In attendance were Dennis Adrian, AB'57; Smart Museum curator Richard A. Born, AM'75; Joan I. Lee, AB'81; Lila Lang, X'82; Kristy Stewart Carroll, AB'84; Anne L. Redlich, AM'85; Michael W. Carroll, AB'86; Julie Zeftel, X'86; Matthew D. Beckerman, AB'91; Stanley J. Murashige, AM'81, PhD'91; Heidi H. Fung, PhD'94; Inge Maser, wife of the late U of C art professor Edward A. Maser, AM'48, PhD'57; and Olivera Mihailovic, the art department's slide librarian. The couple live in San Francisco. Cynthia Cobb Benedict, AB'84, see 1979, Richard L. Benedict. Mark G. Contreras, AB'84, is president and publisher of the Times Leader newspaper in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Catherine Johnston Fasano, AB'84, and Christopher G. Fasano, SM'87, PhD'89, announce the March 13, 1994, birth of Patrick James. Working from home, Catherine writes risk-management software for the global-equities derivatives group of Union Bank of Switzerland.

Christian P. Gruber, PhD'84, and Linda May Fitzgerald, AB'71, AM'74, PhD'90, wrote the book Children at Home and in Day Care, published in 1994 and based on research conducted while the authors attended the U of C. Jane M. Hughes, AB'84, and David B. Brooks, AB'83, returned to New York City after "four-and-a-half long years" in Brussels. She is raising their two children, Joshua, 4, and Naomi, 1; he is the editorial features editor for the Wall Street Journal. Werner G. Jeanrond, PhD'84, is a professor of systematic theology at the University of Lund in Sweden. Adam T. Kessler, AM'84, curated the exhibit "Empires beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan," which opened in March 1994 and stayed in L.A. for five months before traveling to New York, Nashville, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Kessler traveled to Urumchi, Xinjiang province, in western China in 1994 to research his proposal to mount another exhibition of Chinese archaeology. George Reimonn, AB'86, see 1985, Jeanne Chapman Reimonn.


Richard L. Benedict, AB'85, see 1979, Richard L. Benedict. Susan K. Bonar, AB'85, joined the Rockhill Orthopaedic Group in Kansas City, MO, in February after completing a fellowship in orthopaedic foot-and-ankle surgery at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. Bonar earned her M.D. from Yale in 1989 and completed a residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. Ann-Louise Kuhns, AB'85, and her husband, Steve, announce the September 26 birth of son Joseph Brendan. She took a leave from her job as assistant secretary for program and fiscal affairs with the California Health and Welfare Agency. Steve is director of policy research for the California Debt Advisory Commission. Douglas J. Lucas, MBA'85, is co-CEO of Solomon Swapco. Jonathan M. Miller, AB'85, and wife Karin celebrated their ninth anniversary on October 12. Their daughter, Laura Grace, was born at home on March 12, 1994, with two midwives, family, and friends present. Miller, national sales manager for A-R Editions of Madison, WI, is also founder and artistic director of the ten-person vocal ensemble Chicago a cappella, which debuted in September 1993. He and his family moved back to Chicago in summer 1995. Jeanne Chapman Reimonn, AB'85, and George Reimonn, AB'86, announce the September 16 birth of son Thomas Michael. She is an attorney with Fowler, Alley & McNair, specializing in commercial law and estate planning. He is director of information systems at Providence Hospital. They enjoy living in Medford, OR, and being parents. Manuel Sánchez, AM'83, PhD'85, is director of planning at Service Bank in Mexico. Frances R. Scovil, MBA'85, is director of business analysis and planning at Triangle Wire & Cable, an electical-wire manufacturer in Rhode Island. "I love it!" he reports.

86 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Kevin L. Bryant, X'86, resigned from the Navy in July 1994 after six years of service. He now studies law at the University of Kentucky. Dane S. Claussen, MBA'86, is president of American Newspaper Consultants and director of special projects and new products at PitchWeekly newspaper. Matthew J. Desch, MBA'86, is vice president and general manager of Northern Telecom's cellular-systems division. In October, Randall S. Fairman, Jr., AB'86, received his doctorate in math-<\n>ematics from Rutgers University for a dissertation titled "P-subnormal Subgroups of Finite Simple Groups." His wife, Janet Faellaci Fairman, AB'86, is completing her Ph.D. in education at Rutgers, studying the influence of authentic assessment on classroom instruction for grades K-12. Their daughter, Evelyn, is 3 years old. Gordon K. Hellwig, AM'86, is a political officer covering India's foreign relations at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi. Joanne M. O'Sullivan, AB'86, received her law degree from Boston College and practices law in Norwell, MA. She lives on Cape Cod and runs and plays with her three retired greyhounds in her spare time. George Reimonn, AB'86, see 1985, Jeanne Chapman Reimonn. Laura M. Satersmoen, AM'86, see 1984, John C. Baum. Joel R. Zand, AB'86, and his wife, Renée, announce the birth of son Amitai. Zand is an associate in the New York City law firm of Finkelstein, Borah, Schwartz, Altschuler & Goldstein, P.C., specializing in landlord-tenant and real-estate law.


Eugene F. May, MD'87, announces the September 22 birth of his second son, Nathan. Bruce A. Ringstrand, MBA'87, is operations manager at Ecova's Kimball, NE, facility. His wife, Joyce, and their four children, Rob, Ryan, Nick, and Lisa, "are handling things in Littleton, CO." Stephen C. Troy, JD'87, MBA'87, is putting his U of C training to use as an entrepreneur, with current projects focusing on real estate and the health and fitness industry.


"Believe it or not," writes Sulaiman Ghaussy, AB'88, "my brother, David Ghaussy, AB'90, and I had a double wedding with Aimee Rackow and Mariam Dadgar, respectively, on May 6, 1994, at Berkeley Marina in Berkeley, CA." In attendance were Nicos Tsatsoulis, AB'88, MBA'89, and Farouk Yaftali, AB'92. Sulaiman and his wife live in Tokyo, where they were recently visited by Mustafa A. Noor, AB'90, MD'94, of La Jolla, CA. Elizabeth Wilson Mitchell, AB'88, and her husband live in Seattle, where they "have been very busy with Grace Elizabeth, born November 15, 1993-a candidate for the class of 2015!" Hidehito Murato, MBA'88, and his friends "enjoyed a caroling party in Irvine, CA, while finding spare time in the crazy PC industry." John A. Schwin III, MBA'88, and his wife, Evelyn, announce the April 20, 1994, birth of their first child, Daniel John.


Christopher G. Fasano, SM'87, PhD'89, see 1984, Catherine Johnston Fasano. Roger J. Kaplan, JD'89, is director of business and legal affairs at ITC Entertainment Group in Studio City, CA. Clark M. Merkley, JD'89, MBA'89, is associate general counsel of Time Insurance in Milwaukee, where he will be working on the development of HMOs around the country and other managed-care programs. David J. Michalski, AM'89, is an associate with the Cleveland law firm of Hahn Loeser & Parks, where he specializes in creditors' rights. Benjamin R. Riensche, MBA'89, completed a three-month Eisenhower exchange in Hungary in March 1994. He worked to foster agricultural-credit initiatives in the country's fledgling banking system.


Sean C. Casey, SM'84, PhD'90, a scientist at Hughes HSTX, developed a faster, cheaper technique for making infrared array cameras-one that he designed and built recently flew on the Ames Research Center LearJet for astronomical observations. Barry Y. Freeman, AB'90, is an associate in the litigation department of the Cleveland law firm of Ulmer & Berne, where he concentrates in insurance law. David Ghaussy, AB'90, see 1988, Sulaiman Ghaussy. Virginia M. Goldrick, PhD'90, spent two weeks with North American volunteers teaching English in Guanajuato, Mexico. Roderick E. Mayer, MBA'90, is an associate in the benefits practice at Hewitt Associates LLC. Scott L. Metzger, MBA'90, is an assistant vice president in the corporate planning and development division of Lincoln National Corporation. Mustafa A. Noor, AB'90, MD'94, see 1988, Sulaiman Ghaussy. Amy I. Schlegel, AM'90, a Ph.D. candidate in the art history and archaeology department at Columbia University, is writing her dissertation on Nancy Spero and feminist art of the 1970s. Prakash Selvaraj, AB'90, was married in India in March 1994; he had met his wife during a medical rotation at an Indian eye hospital in December 1993. A May 1994 reception held in Cleveland had in attendance Giorgio V. P. Kulp, AB'88; John Alfano, AB'90; David A. Anderson, AB'90; James S. Bodefeld, AB'90; Benjamin Ing, AB'90; Chong C. Lee, AB'90; Tushar D. Patel, AB'90; and Ankit Shah, AB'90. Selvaraj graduated from Ohio State's medical school in June 1994 and did an internship in Columbus before moving back to Chicago in July 1995 to begin a residency in ophthalmology at Cook County Hospital. Kirsten L. Sutherland, AB'90, and Todd S. Holmquist, AB'91, AM'95, were married on May 28, 1994, in Cedar Rapids, IA. Sarah J. Love, AB'88, was a member of the wedding party, while Daniel T. Niland, AB'91, traveled from Japan to be the best man. In attendance were University graduate students Patrick O'Loughlin, Marco Temaner, and Carol Wilson. Also present were Charles R. Connell, AM'61, AM'64, PhD'73; Joel Stein, U-High'83; David W. Mulder, AM'75, PhD'84; G. Ralph Strohl, AM'78, PhD'84; Kevin L. Richardson, AB'93; Jeremy N. Wolff, AB'93; and Farhang Farhangfar, SM'94. Kirsten works as a researcher and writer for the University's development research office, while Todd just completed a master's degree in education at Chicago. Michael S. Warner, PhD'90, is a staff historian at the CIA.

91 Reunion 1996, May 31-June 2

Eric L. Brodie, AB'91, graduated in June 1994 from the Illinois Institute of Technology's Chicago-Kent College of Law. He is an associate with the Chicago law firm of Sweeney and Riman and an adjunct instructor of appellate advocacy at Chicago-Kent. Todd S. Holmquist, AB'91, AM'95, see 1990, Kirsten L. Sutherland. After two years as a systems consultant, James H. S. Hong, AB'91, is a software engineer at Northwestern University. He is the main developer and supporter of the system used to process student loans and also writes the credit-bureau reporting system that reports delinquent borrowers. Hong is in the engineering-management master's program at NU. Shaun P. Lane, AM'91, is vice president of public policy for Children's Home & Aid Society of Illinois. Joy M. Yang, MBA'91, and Lawrence Saez, a U of C graduate student in political science, were married on November 19 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. They "started their romance at the International House and clearly spun out of control." Steven D. Heim, a graduate student in the University's department of South Asian languages, was the best man. In attendance were Brigid H. Evans, MBA'91; Felix P. Ruo, MBA'91; C. Roger Williams, MBA'91; and Cynthia I. Yi, AB'87, MBA'91.


Shannon M. Embrey, AB'92, lives in Little Rock, AR, where she is director of correspondence for Governor Jim Guy Tucker. She took the LSAT in December. Michael H. Hart, AB'92, works in administrative support of visiting government delegations for the American embassy in Moscow. Manny Jacobs, AB'92, acted in the film My Father the Hero. John T. Lump, MBA'92, of Dallas, is manager of finance for Andersen Consulting's Latin American operations. Mehmet Pasa, PhD'92, has joined McKinsey & Company. Frederick R. Prete, PhD'92, an assistant professor of psychology at Denison University, appeared on the NPR program To the Best of Our Knowledge in the fall to discuss his research in vision and seeing systems, using praying mantises as subjects. Katsunori Shimizu, MBA'92, is in cost accounting for nuclear energy at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Kobe, Japan. James E. Stawicki, MBA'92, is manager of corporate communications for the medical-systems division of Philips Electronics. He lives in the Netherlands and writes that Holland is beautiful.


Mark H. Farrell, MBA'93, is senior manager at Ernst & Young LLP. Stathis N. Kalyvas, AM'90, PhD'93, received the 1994 Council of Graduate Schools/University Microfilm International distinguished dissertation award in social sciences. Daniel J. Nadelberg, AB'93, a senior print specialist at Young & Rubicam New York, received honorable mention in the Audit Bureau of Circulations' Young Media Professionals Committee 1994 "Write Your Future" essay contest. Michael J. Ohler, AB'93, started law school at NYU but misses "the atmosphere of the U of C and Hyde Park." Juan Renta, AM'93, is a U.S. Army foreign-area officer in Uruguay.


The College reports that Jennifer Ordonez, AB'95, won $1,000 in a College-sponsored drawing. Her name was chosen from all graduating students who returned a survey regarding their concentrations by May 26. Ordonez concentrated in law, letters, and society and will be covering the Midwest for the Washington Post.

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