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Cut to the Quick

Above: Actor Raymond Fox's Prince Hal dares try on the monarch's crown as his ailing father (John Reeger) sleeps.

Bevington and Newell emphasized the complexity of the famous father-son relationship in their adaptation.

Hal takes the offensive, defeating the "vile" Douglas (Ned Mochel) to earn King Henry's sovereign trust in the climactic battle scene.

In rehearsals, Newell stressed keeping the production as lean as possible: The pageantry of the coronation (top) and battle scenes were minimized to retain a tone of intimacy.

(Editor's Note: Court Theatre ends its 1995-96 season with Molnár's The Play's the Thing and Beaumarchais's The Barber of Seville, performed in rotating repertory. For dates and ticket information, see "Events.")

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