The University of Chicago Magazine

February 1997


  • Vintage Trade-offs:The natives' taste for wine, says anthropologist Michael Dietler, was the Greeks' foot in the door in France.

    Also in Investigations:

    • Molecule in Motion: by Keith Moffat, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, helps to produce a "movie" of myoglobin at work.
    • Bursting onto the Scene:Gamma ray bursts are a big topic at NASA symposium-- and University of Chicago astronomer Don Q. Lamb thinks he can explain them.
    • Just in Time for Valentine's Day:. Daphne Preuss, assistant professor of molecular genetics and cell biology, and graduate student Laura Wilhelmi report in Science that mutant strains in some flowers prevent reproduction.
    • Future Holdings:Gary Becker discusses Hong Kong's return to China in Business Week.

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