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From unconventional vistas, classics professor surveys ancient thought:Cosmopolitan tinkerer Shadi Bartsch gets her hands dirty reconstruct-ing both motorcycles and masterpieces.

Constructed lives: Imagine, suggests historian Neil Harris, if the U of C lost the buildings that make up its Gothic quadrangles and moved to an entirely new campus, or rebuilt over their ruins in the interests of economy, efficiency, or modernity.

Hair tomorrow? : It’s likely that many of the 30 million balding men in the United States—roughly 40 percent of those over age 35—would do just about anything for a bad-hair day.
  The cutting edge: Like many surgeons today, Frantzides, professor of surgery at the U of C and chair of the division of surgery at its Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, relies on minimally invasive, or laparoscopic, surgical techniques to reduce the pain, risks, and extended hospital stays of conventional surgery. But his integration of technology like Hermes takes the advantages of laparoscopic surgery a step further.
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