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In December 2001 the Magazine joined with the University of Chicago Alumni Association to create a monthly e-bulletin. Currently sent to 54,932 alumni, UCHICAGO.EDU offers links to University and alumni news and programming. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, write

Welcome to the August edition of UCHICAGO.EDU, a monthly e-bulletin bringing you online news about the University of Chicago and its larger community of alumni and friends.

Your August/05 University of Chicago Magazine is in the mail. It's also online at:

Here's a sampling from the August issue:

* Heated Discussion
Why conversation about global warming is part science, part spin:

* Chicago Seven: The Final Frames
Since O week in September 2001 the Magazine has followed seven undergraduates through their College career:

* Promise-bound
Political-science professor Cathy Cohen had these parting words for June's graduates: "Intellect is most powerful when it is mindful of the lives it can change":

News from Chicago

* President Randel Will Head Humanities-Focused Foundation
Don Michael Randel, who has served as Chicago's president since July 1, 2000, will step down next July 1, to become president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation:

* Trustees Get an Infusion of Alumni
At its June meeting the University Board of Trustees elected three new members--all Chicago alumni. Joining the board are Erroll Davis Jr., MBA'67; Kenneth Jacobs, AB'80; and Paul Yovovich, AB'74, MBA'75:

Research at Chicago

* How the Plague Gets A Foothold
Chicago microbiologist Olaf Schneewind and colleagues have shown how Yersinia pesti--the bacteria that causes bubonic plague--annihilates the first line of defense in the host's immune system, work that may lead to a vaccine:

* Nine out of Ten Doctors... the United States attend religious services at least occasionally, compared to 81 percent of all adults. And 76 percent of U.S. physicians believe in God. That's according to a survey by University researchers, published in the July Journal of General Medicine. More than half of all doctors say their religious beliefs affect how they practice medicine:

Today @ UChiBLOGo

* Hiroshima Remembered
The Magazine's Web log attends an observance of the bombing of Hiroshima:

From the University of Chicago Alumni Association

* Online Smiles: Scenes from Alumni Weekend
More than 2,600 alumni and friends returned to campus June 2-5 for the annual Alumni Weekend, traveling from 31 states, as well as from Canada, England, France, Italy, and Japan. To relive events--or to see what you missed--go to the Weekend Photo Album:

* You've Gotta Register to Win
If--and only if--you are a registered user of Chicago's online alumni services you can 1) look up old friends and find alumni in your area via the online directory; 2) search for career contacts in your chosen profession on the alumni careers network (more than 14,000 contacts in 78 fields and 31 countries); and 3) join online alumni discussion groups or start one of your own. Registration takes just minutes:

* Medical Insurance Bridges the Gap
Are you between school and job--or job and job--and therefore between insurance plans? The Alumni Association sponsors short-term medical insurance for periods of 31 to 185 days. For more information about either short-term medical or life insurance, call Meyer and Associates at 800/635-7801, e-mail, or go to:

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UCHICAGO.EDU is a joint project of the University of Chicago Magazine and the University of Chicago Alumni Association. Please send your comments and suggestions to

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