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In December 2001 the Magazine joined with the University of Chicago Alumni Association to create a monthly e-bulletin. Currently sent to 59,527 alumni, UCHICAGO.EDU offers links to University and alumni news and programming. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, write

Welcome to the April issue of UCHICAGO.EDU, a monthly e-bulletin bringing you online news about the University of Chicago and its larger community of alumni and friends.

The April//06 University of Chicago Magazine is in the mail--and it's also online at:


photo:  $1.5bChicago Initiative Surpasses $1.5 Billion

The Chicago Initiative has surpassed $1.5 billion toward a goal of $2 billion. This important milestone was achieved through the generosity of more than 95,000 alumni and friends supporting a wide array of programs of central importance to the University, including endowing undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, establishing more than 50 endowed faculty positions, and building seven new facilities including the first state-of the-art scientific building on campus in over 50 years:

...And here's the gift that pushed the Initiative over the $1.5 billion mark:


Here's a sampling from the April issue:

photo:  The Path to Empathy* The Path to Empathy
While neuroscientist Jean Decety searches for empathy inside the brain, other Chicago faculty find its footprint in hospital exam rooms, social work, sentimental literature, and medieval monastic prayer:

* Zimmer: Back to the Future
Longtime mathematics professor Robert Zimmer returns to Hyde Park after four years as Brown University's provost. His new assignment is Chicago's presidency:

* Life Lessons from a TV Geek
Joe Block, AB'02, isn't your average Joe, but he isn't your average geek either:


More News from Chicago

photo:  a new wing for prayer* A New Wing for Prayer
A three-year, $1 million project has ended with the transformation of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel's underground floor into a new Interreligious Center that provides a permanent place of prayer, worship, and meditation for members of the University’s diverse religious community:

* Rational Choice: Chicago Price Theory Center Named for Gary Becker
The Graduate School of Business's Initiative on Chicago Price Theory has been renamed after Nobel laureate Gary S. Becker, AM'53, PhD'55, University professor of economics and of sociology. The announcement came during the inaugural Initiative on Chicago Price Theory conference April 7–8 at the GSB's Hyde Park Center:


Research at Chicago

photo:  filling the gap* Filling the Gap from Fins to Limbs
Fossils discovered in Arctic Canada by a team of paleontologists co-led by Chicago's Neil Shubin--and reported in the April 6 Nature--provide the missing evolutionary link between fish and the first animals that walked out of water onto land about 375 million years ago. The newly found species, Tiktaalik roseae, or "large, shallow water fish," offer the most compelling examples yet of an animal at the cusp of the fish-tetrapod transition:

* When to Stop Taking Meds
In the March 27 Archives of Internal Medicine, four Chicago physicians propose the first general framework for withholding or discontinuing medications, adding life expectancy, goals of care, treatment targets, and time until benefit to the usual equation of drug plusses and minuses:


Today @ UChiBLOGo

* Delivery from DelGiorno
The Magazine's Web log celebrates Bernie DelGiorno's school spirit:


From the University of Chicago Alumni Association

* Oh What a Wonderful Web You'll Weave
What services would you like to see on your University Alumni Association Web site?
The University is redesigning the site—which will go live in 2007—and this is your chance to tell us what online services are important to you. To fill out a brief survey about online usage and interests:

* Food for Thought—Now in Searchable Form
Mind Online’s searchable catalog gives you access to a growing collection of thought-provoking samples from the University's intellectual life, both past and present. For a taste of the critical thinking and lively debate that define a Chicago education, visit

photo:  alumni weekend* Four Days in June—Alumni Weekend is for You?
All alumni are invited to take part in the tours, classes, parties, receptions, ceremonies, and family-friendly programs at Alumni Weekend, June 1–4. Many events are free but most require reservations (and if you register by Friday, April 21, you'll receive a discount on the events with a price tag). To find out more and to register online go to:


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