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Tied to detail
Now it’s getting personal.
In recent weeks I’ve found myself having more and more Blum moments. That’s Blum as in Walter J. Blum, AB’39, JD’41. Blum, who was the first Edward H. Levi distinguished service professor in the Law School and who died in December 1994, was an expert on taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, and corporate reorganization; a collector and wearer of flamboyant ties (a small sampling of which appears at right); and someone who took an extremely personal interest in all the workings of the University.
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From the President
Buildings and the ideas behind them
President Don M. Randel highlights the promise implicit in the Chicago GSB Hyde Park Center and the Comer Children’s Hospital.
As a professional student of medieval liturgy, I am perhaps unusually sensitive to yearly cycles of activity and observance. But in an academic community like ours, most everyone’s pulse quickens at the start of an academic year, no matter how many times one has been through it.
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Cartoonist Jessica Abel, AB’91, explores the depths of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.
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