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William Rainey Harper's Index

Parking breaks

photo:  fota factsUniversity-controlled spots on campus: 2,342

Spaces controlled separately by the Hospitals: 2,890

Total University-managed spots projected by 2011: about 3,000

Likely number of spaces in a garage planned for Woodlawn and 61st, to be completed in 2009 or later: 800

Spots lost during construction of a new dorm and a south-campus chiller-plant cooling system, factoring in temporary spaces: 70 (Law School), 42 (Edelstone), 17 (Press building)

Campus parking tickets issued during the 2005–06 academic year: 4,933

Fine per ticket: $30–$60

Amount in fines collected by the Parking Office, used to offset department expenses: $36,354

Projected monthly fee for a campus garage spot in FY 2009: $80

Riders on the University’s evening-bus system last year: 781,040

Riders on all campus Chicago Transportation Authority routes: 693,544