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Inspired by childhood memories of her grandmother’s Pittsburgh home, Katherine Kadish, AM’66, created
House & Garden, a 60 x 72-inch diptych painted with oil on canvas. Part of a private collection in Ohio, the painting reflects the current state of the home, “which looks like a large, derelict doll’s house,” says Kadish, and its accompanying English garden. Kadish’s work has appeared at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art.

image:  cvitae C.Vitae
Approaching 80, Connie Hogarth, PhB’47, SB’48, rallies influential friends to support left-wing
issues. Her latest cause: shutting down a local nuclear plant.
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photo:  tut treasure troveTut treasure trove
For museum-goers, David Silverman brings Egypt’s boy king to life.
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photo:  behind the musicBehind the music
Law-student-turned-producer James Ginsburg, AB’87, strikes a chord with local artists.
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photo: cautionCaution: words at work
Lexicographer Erin McKean tracks up-and-coming words as they fight their way into the dictionary.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
As the school year draws to a close, mass exodus begins. Saying so long for the summer, Chicago students—and their possessions—hit the road.
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