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What's the news? We are always eager to receive your news at the Magazine, care of the Class News Editor, University of Chicago Magazine, 5757 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60637, or by E-mail: No engagements, please. Items may be edited for space. Please specify the year under which you would like your news to appear. Otherwise, we will list: (1) former undergraduates (including those who later received graduate degrees) by the year of their undergraduate degree, and (2) former students who received only graduate degrees by the year of their final degree.

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    Edward M. Bernstein, PhB'27, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, attended a two-day conference at the State Department and was interviewed by the BBC and the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour for the 50th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference. At a meeting at Bretton Woods in October, he gave the opening address, "Making and Remaking of the Bretton Woods Institutions."


    Ralph B. Greenfield, AB'35, CLA'35, X'36, writes: "Though retired from my law practice, I spend much time reminiscing over Chicago's great days, namely 1931-1935. Is there a similar exciting period? Could there be!"

    For an "Other Voices" column "Dollars for Scholars, by Katharine Mann Byre, AB'36, AM'43, click here.


    Aaron Bell, AB'37, see 1938, Seymour Meyerson.


    Edgar M. Branch, AM'38, a research professor emeritus of English at Miami University in Ohio, was awarded one of two 1994 MidAmerica Awards presented by the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature. In June, Seymour Meyerson, SB'38, and wife Lotte took a four-week Elderhostel tour of the Baltic States and Russia. At the end of the month they had a one-day stopover in Helsinki, where they visited Aaron Bell, AB'37, and his wife, Mirja Lavanne. Meyerson writes: "We were very close for a couple of years and then went our separate ways." The reunion some 60 years later "still strikes me as almost incredible."


    Bernard Adinoff, SB'39, PhD'43, retired in 1982 and moved from Michigan to Thousand Oaks, CA, where he keeps busy with community volunteer work on a variety of councils and committees, including ones on aging, senior mental health, recycling, transportation, and cable TV. Adinoff also teaches computer courses and has written computer programs for the local symphony orchestra and the sheriff's department. S. Elizabeth Romine Morse, SB'39, is 83 and lives on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, where she is a church organist and a violist in a community orchestra. After graduating from Chicago, she earned a master's degree from the University of Michigan, then worked in child development and family life.

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    Ralph E. Lapp, SB'40, PhD'46, see 1947, John R. Cameron.


    In July, Evelyn Geiger Jones, AB'41, of Boise, ID, and her husband, Clair, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.


    Rita Liberman Norton, AB'42, and her husband, Raymond M. Norton, AB'42, JD'48, report that they survived last year's Northridge, CA, earthquake, "albeit without scientific explanation." They are retired and "so busy we wonder how we found time to work before retirement!"


    Artists Sonia Weiner Katz, AB'43, AM'46, and her daughter, Mary Katz, held a joint exhibition of some of their oil paintings and collages at TabulaRasa Pilsen East Artists' Cooperative Gallery in Chicago during August and September.


    John C. Angle, SB'44, and wife Catherine have established the first endowed professorial chair in history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The gift honors her father, who chaired the department in the 1950s. Fred Somkin, X'44, has retired from teaching American cultural and intellectual history at Cornell University. He is the author of Unquiet Eagle: Memory and Desire in the Idea of American Freedom, 1815-1860. Somkin is married to Bodil Hammergaard, a Danish civil engineer who was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin.

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    Henry C. McBay, PhD'45, was honored at a ceremony celebrating his 80th birthday and six decades of educational achievement. The program was sponsored by Clark Atlanta University, where he is a professor emeritus of chemistry, and Morehouse College, where he taught chemistry for nearly 40 years. Among those paying tribute to McBay were Gloria Long Anderson, PhD'68, a chemistry professor at Morris Brown College, and Walter E. Massey, former U of C vice president of research and Argonne National Laboratory.


    After graduation, John R. Cameron, SB'47, earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wisconsin and spent six years in nuclear- physics research and teaching, switching to medical physics and then retiring from Wisconsin in 1986. He has since founded Medical Physics Publishing- the company is now completing a book by Ralph E. Lapp, SB'40, PhD'46. Lee P. Gaalaas, AB'47, writes that being accepted into the U of C's business school was a "dramatic turning point" in his life and praises the education he received and mentor Eva Adams Sutherland, SB'18. He continues, "For me the rewards in life have been substantial (though not in the area of finance): Four married children, ten grandchildren, and a lasting marriage of 52 years."


    Katherine Willis Ballard, PhB'49, retired after 19 years of nursing at Evanston Hospital and has moved to her farm in Hanover, IL. Roderick W. Pugh, PhD'49, a professor emeritus of psychology at Loyola University, was a visiting professor at Fisk University in Nashville in October. A Fisk alumnus, he has also served on the university's board of trustees. He maintains a clinical practice in downtown Chicago. Zane Spiegel, SB'49, SM'52, spent May and June in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine's second-largest city and largest industrial center. As adviser to the Ecology Foundation of Dnipro River Basin, Spiegel offered counsel on environmental-improvement programs for the city's thermal power plant (Europe's largest), metal and chemical industries, waste and flooding problems, and environmental-education programs.

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    Charles E. Fritz, AM'50, received the 1994 distinguished alumni award for career achievement from Drury College in Springfield, MO, honoring his studies on human and organizational behavior in disasters. Felicia Antonelli Holton, AB'50, is "once again an Easterner." The former editor of the University of Chicago Magazine lives on a cove off Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island and enjoys the view of the water from her computer as she finishes work on a book.

    For a profile, Star Searcher: Arthur Code, SM'47,PhD'50, click here.


    In February, Mark A. Buchholz, AB'51, X'55, retired as a Nebraska judge after 21 years on the bench. After receiving a J.D. from the University of Nebraska in 1955, he had a private law practice and served for a time as chief legal counsel for the state's department of revenue before beginning his judicial career. He and wife Christina continue to live in Lincoln. Morris W. ("Brud") Leighton, SM'48, PhD'51, received the 1994 John T. Galey public service memorial award from the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Chief of the Illinois State Geological Survey, which he joined in 1983, he is active in many geological organizations.


    Sherman S. Fishman, SM'52, president and founder of the Small Entity Patent Owners Association, is active in the fight against patent harmonization, advocating the United States' patent-filing method of "first to invent" rather than the European method of "first to file."

    53 J

    ohn W. Dixon, Jr., PhD'53, a professor emeritus of religion and art at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, has had several books published, including Nature and Grace in Art (University of North Carolina Press), Art and the Theological Imagination (Seabury Press), and The Physiology of Faith (Harper and Row).


    Marshall J. Hartman, AB'54, AB'57, JD'57, published two articles on the "Great Writ" of habeas corpus in the past year. The first, "To Be or Not to Be a New Rule," appeared in the Cal-Western Law Review and will be included in an anthology titled Criminal Law Review. The second article, "Requiem for the Writ of Habeas Corpus," appeared in the March '94 Champion, a national criminal-defense law journal. William J. Mayer-Oakes, AM'49, PhD'54, was awarded the 1993 Plains Anthropological Society distinguished service award for lifetime achievement. After many years teaching at universities in the United States and Canada, he is now a professor emeritus at Texas Tech University, where he chaired the anthropology department for seven years.


    Raymond J. Corsini, PhD'55, reports that the second edition of his four-volume Encyclopedia of Psychology (John Wiley & Sons) was published in 1994, ten years after the first edition went to press.


    Doreen Joseph Edwin, AM'56, retired in 1990 after 34 years as assistant director and head of the Directorate of Education in Delhi, India. She was married to Alfred J. Edwin, editor for the British High Commission in New Delhi, and was awarded the Delhi State Teachers award. She hopes to visit campus soon and writes that she would "be delighted to hear from/meet any of my co-mates in the International House." Earl I. Studtmann, SB'56, see 1985, Karl E. Studtmann.


    Peter S. Amenta, PhD'58, a professor of anatomy at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, received emeritus status during a recent president's convocation. Stephen L. Michel, SB'58, MD'62, see 1988, Gregg L. Michel. Mildred Hallett Myren, AM'58, was voted regional executive by the Council of the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago. The interim executive for 18 months, she was administrative assistant to several previous executive ministers. Myren continues to represent the Chicago area and lead national committees and task forces. June Sochen, AB'58, professor of history at Northeastern Illinois University, has been named the 1994-95 distinguished professor of the Illinois Board of Governors Universities. She will present a lecture at the five Board of Governors universities.


    John E. Bishop, SM'49, PhD'59, recently was awarded the Harvard Business School's highest honor, the distinguished service award. He retired from the school in 1990 after 34 years of teaching. Sharon Finkel Shenhav, AB'59, received a J.D. from Georgetown University in 1969 and went on to a career in civil-rights law, specializing in women's rights. She lives in Israel, where she concentrates on religious law for Jewish and Muslim women.

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    In May, Nancy Barnett Yalowitz, AB'60, received her M.S.W. with honors from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is associated with Unity Hospice in Chicago.


    Robert H. Puckett, AM'58, PhD'61, a professor of political science at Indiana State University, has been elected to the Council on Foreign Relations. He just completed a term as the faculty representative on the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and a term on the board of advisers to the president of the Naval War College.


    Garry M. Crane, AB'62, see 1990, Daniel K. Crane. Michael C. Kotzin, AB'62, wrote an article commemorating Ralph Ellison and discussing African-American-Jewish relations for the August issue of the Jewish United Fund News, a publication of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. David B. Nicholson III, AB'62, is approaching his 30th year teaching English, drama, and humanities at Riverdale Country School in New York City. He writes: "I have by grace sustained a good marriage, raised two good kids, achieved a Ph.D., and annotated thousands of student papers. Through it all I still remember my all-too-brief time at U of C as two of the best years of my life." Diana Slaughter-Defoe, AB'62, AM'64, PhD'68, is the 1993 recipient of the Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy award, given by the American Psychological Foundation and the American Psychological Association. She is a professor of education and social policy and of African-American studies at Northwestern University, where she is also a fellow at the Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research. Her research focuses on identifying factors that promote academic achievement in African-American children.


    Michael L. Bates, AB'63, PhD'75, is the 1994 Samir Shamma Visiting Fellow in Islamic numismatics and epigraphy at Oxford University. The fellowship supports a series of lectures on "Money Before Machines" and research in the Heberden Coin Room of the Ashmolean Museum and in the "other" Oriental Institute. Vicky I. Chaet, BFA'63, exhibited several paintings from August 15 through October 15 at Cafe Paradiso in San Francisco. Leena Rintala Lindqvist, AM'63, of Salo, Finland, has retired after some 30 years of teaching English-first at Turku University, then at the Business School in Salo. She plans on traveling and hopes to visit the United States and the University. Charles E. Vernoff, AB'63, has been promoted to professor of religion at Iowa's Cornell College, where he has taught since 1978. Vernoff teaches the Judaica curriculum and co-founded the Cornell Institute for Holocaust Studies in 1980.


    Aija Fox-Samloff, SB'64, reports that "the bat mitzvah of Alexandra in Cedar Rapids, IA, in May brought several graduates of the U of C together.…We had a helluva good time!" In attendance were Abbott B. Lipsky, PhB'34; Norman G. Lipsky, AB'37; Sue Smulekoff Moyerman, AB'49, AM'52; Ann M. Lipsky, AB'64; Ann B. Cox, SB'65; and James A. Glazier, SM'87, PhD'89.

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    Helen Cheney Gilde, PhD'65, received the 1994 Nicolas P. Hardeman academic leadership award from California State University, Long Beach. On the school's English faculty since 1949, she served two terms as chair of the Academic Senate-the first woman to hold that position-from 1978 to 1980. She also chaired the English department from 1973 to 1976 and from 1991 to 1993. Gordon M. Quinn, AB'65, is the executive producer of Hoop Dreams, a documentary that follows two Chicago inner-city teenagers' struggle to make it into the NBA. The film won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival and was chosen to close the New York Film Festival. Bruce E. Trumbo, SM'61, PhD'65, a professor of statistics and mathematics at California State University, has been named a fellow of the American Statistical Association.


    Through special arrangement with the University of Minnesota, where he chairs the English department, Philip G. Furia, AM'66, is serving as interim dean of Metropolitan State University's College of Liberal Arts, where he has taught in the English department since 1970 and been chair since 1991. Walter J. Nicgorski, AM'62, PhD'66, a professor in the program of liberal studies at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed editor of Notre Dame's Review of Politics. On Notre Dame's faculty since 1964, he chaired the program of liberal studies for six years and served as the review's acting editor for one year. Nicgorski recently completed a book on Cicero's moral and political philosophy.


    John M. Dyckman, AB'67, see 1968, Mark V. Swirsky. Judith D. Peters, AM'67, has been appointed president and chief executive officer of National Industries for the Blind, which works to create and improve employment opportunities for the blind. Previously, Peters was director of state and local government relations for Eastman Kodak Company. In April, Paul E. Peterson, AM'64, PhD'67, was awarded a Stephen K. Bailey memorial award by the Politics of Education Association for his work in shaping the intellectual and research agenda of the field. A professor of government at Harvard University, he taught in the education and political science departments at the U of C from 1967 to 1983.


    Gloria Long Anderson, PhD'68, see 1945, Henry C. McBay. Margaret ("Meg") Miller Clarke, AM'68, is the first executive director of university development at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. She also is president of the Simon Fraser University Foundation, a body provincially established to encourage major donations. Clarke had been director of development at the University of Alberta. In April, David L. Colton, PhD'68, received the founders award of the Politics of Education Association for his contributions to the association's early development. Colton is a professor and former dean of education at the University of New Mexico.

    Janet Ahner Rubinoff, AM'68, and Arthur G. Rubinoff, AM'66, PhD'77, were awarded grants from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute for research in India during the 1993-94 academic year. She researched the marketing strategies of Goan fisherwomen; he studied Indian parliamentarians' attitudes toward the United States. Mark V. Swirsky, AB'69, reports that in May, the Chicago Tribune Magazine printed the "thoughtful and humorous reflections on coming back to the U of Chicago" of John M. Dyckman, AB'67, who returned to the U of C for his 25th reunion. Swirsky and Dyckman were College roommates; Swirsky suggests that anyone wanting a copy should write to either one of them. William J. Taffe, SM'67, PhD'68, is spending this academic year as professor invitado at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, teaching computer sciences as a member of the ingeniería faculty.


    Susan L. Andrews, PhD'69, has been promoted to professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin Center, Waukesha, where she has taught since 1968. Her courses include developmental, behavioral, and introductory psychology. Joseph D. Brisben, AB'69, vice president of investments at Securities Corporation of Iowa, passed all six examinations offered by the College for Financial Planning in Denver, earning the title of certified financial planner. Barry M. Franklin, MAT'69, recently left Kennesaw State College in Atlanta to become professor and chair of the department of education at the University of Michigan, Flint. Alexander P. MacGregor, Jr., AM'64, PhD'69, has been appointed chair of the classics department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1993, he won an Amoco-Silver Circle award for excellence in teaching by vote of the senior class. Horace M. Newcomb, Jr., AM'65, PhD'69, a professor in the department of radio-televison-film at the University of Texas at Austin, heads a 250-person panel of academics who will write The Encyclopedia of Television. The two-volume reference work is sponsored by the Museum of Broadcast Communications, of which Newcomb is curator. Yavuz Nutku, SM'67, PhD'69, see 1971, Avadis S. Hacinliyan. Mark V. Swirsky, AB'69, see 1968, Mark V. Swirsky.

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    Douglas C. Kimmel, AM'69, PhD'70, is teaching on a Fulbright award at Tokyo Women's Christian University, Tsuda College, and Tokyo University during 1994-95. Kimmel is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and the American Psychological Association and a member of the American Society on Aging. The third edition of his textbook on aging was translated into Japanese in 1994.


    Avadis S. Hacinliyan, SM'68, PhD'71, is a professor of physics at Bo©aziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Cihan K. Saçlio©lu, PhD'75, is also a professor in the department, while Enis O©uz, SM'81, PhD'83, is an associate professor of physics there. Hacinliyan also reports that Yavuz Nutku, SM'67, PhD'69, is in the physics department of the Marmara Research Center of the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council and has been nominated to the Turkish Academy of Sciences. Laurence W. Herron, AM'71, has joined Northeastern University in Boston as director of corporate relations. Herron has held senior fundraising positions with the Illinois Institute of Technology, Grant Hospital in Chicago, and Tufts University.


    Thomas C. Berg, AB'72, vice president-general counsel and corporate secretary at amsted Industries, has also taken on responsibility for the company's personnel and public-affairs functions. Gary M. Grant, AM'72, associate professor of theater at Bucknell University, received the Class of 1956 lectureship, awarded annually to recognize inspirational teaching. He will give the lecture during this academic year. In April, Donald H. Layton, PhD'72, received a distinguished service award from the Politics of Education Association for his efforts to promote the growth of the PEA. He is an associate professor emeritus at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Joan S. Reisman, AB'72, has joined Dorf & Stanton Communications, Inc., in New York as senior vice president and head of the national health-care practice. Previously, she was senior vice president and director of health sciences at Makovsky & Company in New York. Andrew L. Segal, AB'72, a producer at CNN Special Reports, won a national Emmy in the news and documentary category for a one-hour program, called "Our Planetary Police," on the post-cold war role of the United Nations.


    In April, William L. Boyd, PhD'73, was given a Stephen K. Bailey memorial award by the Politics of Education Association for his work in shaping the intellectual and research agenda of the politics of education. He is a distinguished professor of education at Pennsylvania State University. Richard A. Hood, AM'73, has been promoted to associate professor and granted tenure at Denison University in Ohio. He joined Denison's English department in 1990. Norman F. Rickeman, MBA'73, has been promoted to managing partner for the Minneapolis office of Andersen Consulting, where he has been since 1973. He most recently headed the products-industry practice for Minneapolis and Milwaukee and has also served as a regional industry director.


    Robert M. Esty, AB'74, has left the federal government and now works as a Montessori teacher in Bowie, MD, where he lives with wife Susan and daughters Sharon, 7, and Maureen, 5. Cristanne C. Miller, AB'74, AM'76, PhD'80, recently became a full professor at Pomona College in California, where she joined the English department faculty in 1980. Gaylord S. Throckmorton, PhD'74, associate professor of cell biology and neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern, won the Society for Technical Communication's annual award of excellence, recognizing skill at communicating complex scientific information in writing. Robert P. Wujtowicz, AM'74, has been promoted to partner by Ernst & Young. He is a member of the corporate finance group in Chicago and specializes in advice on buying and selling businesses.

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    James T. Elliott, Jr., MBA'75, tax partner in the high-technology group of Price Waterhouse, has been named office managing partner for the firm's Princeton, NJ, office. He was also named partner in charge of the life-sciences practice for a region including southern Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Michael J. Mirra, AB'75, and Nancy J. Sprick, AB'77, have been married for 17 years and live in Tacoma, WA, with children Nicholas, 11, and Emily, 8. Mirra earned a law degree from Vanderbilt University in 1978; for the past 14 years he has practiced law with Evergreen Legal Services in Seattle. This past summer he successfully completed three years of trial litigation on behalf of homeless children in Washington State. James J. Przystup, AM'68, PhD'75, former Defense Department director of planning of Asia-Pacific security strategy, has been named director of the Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center. He will oversee the think tank's work on issues such as trade relations, North Korean nuclear proliferation, Japanese political changes, and economic transformation in China. Cihan K. Saçlio©lu, PhD'75, see 1971, Avadis S. Hacinliyan.


    Mildred L. Culp, AM'74, PhD'76, writes the WorkWise column and is the correspondent for the WorkWise Report, which airs on a Seattle radio station. She also consults and was recently invited to teach an advanced course at the Defense Information School. At work on her second book, Culp also "does ice ballet, and bakes fruit pies from scratch." Frederick H. Miller, Jr., AB'76, AM'77, PhD'82, has joined Mercer Management Consulting, Inc., as a principal in its financial-services industry group. Based in the firm's Lexington, MA, office, he concentrates on market segmentation, product and service-portfolio design, and distribution. Karine Schomer, AM'70, PhD'76, has been appointed provost of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. A specialist in South Asian studies, Schomer previously served as dean of Golden Gate University's School of Arts and Sciences and, before that, as dean of humanities, social sciences, and human services at Merritt College in Oakland.


    Barbara Bowman Maddock, MBA'77, was named senior vice president of human resources for McGraw-Hill, Inc. She is responsible for developing and implementing corporate-wide human-resource policies, programs, and management systems. Nancy J. Moser, AM'77, is now president of TMSC Inc., a travel-arrangement company for corporate business travel and individual/group leisure touring. Based in Raleigh, NC, she specializes in United States, Europe, and Asia travel opportunities. Claire E. Orner, AB'77, works as a senior physical therapist in the pediatric program of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where she has been since 1991. Arthur G. Rubinoff, AM'66, PhD'77, see 1968, Janet Ahner Rubinoff. Thomas D. Schultz, AB'77, has been promoted to associate professor and granted tenure at Denison University in Ohio, where he teaches classes in zoology, marine biology, animal behavior, invertebrate zoology, and evolution. Nancy J. Sprick, AB'77, see 1975, Michael J. Mirra.


    David L. Applegate, JD'78, announces the anniversary of Applegate & Valauskas, Attorneys at Law, a Chicago law partnership concentrating in commercial litigation, intellectual- property law, and licensing. In addition to representing entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and established businesses, the firm has a growing clientele among comic and cartoon-art professionals. In January, Delia C. Pitts, AM'74, PhD'78, became director of international education at Texas Christian University. In the newly created position, she works with study abroad, summer study/travel and intensive English study programs. She will also teach in the history department. Brian A. Stonehill, AM'74, PhD'78, was promoted to professor at Pomona College in California, where he joined the English department in 1979.

    For a profile, "Doctor, Lawyer, Agency Chief," of FDA Head David Kessler, JD'78, click here.


    Roger G. Humphreville, AB'79, and Deborah Boylan Humphreville, AB'80, have returned to Houston from Staranger, Norway. He works for Amoco Orient Production Co. as business and planning coordinator. They have two daughters: Amanda Astri, 3, and Sabrina Siri, 3 months. Deborah reports that she and Roger were in Norway with Margaret Dillon Cooper, MBA'83, and her husband, Brian S. Cooper, MBA'84, who works for Amoco. Robert N. McCauley, AM'75, PhD'79, was recently appointed the first Massee-Martin/National Endowment for the Humanities distinguished teaching professor at Emory University. Elizabeth R. ("Libby") Morse, AB'79, and Jeffrey J. Makos, AB'81, AM'82, both residential heads of Tufts House, announce the June 29 birth of son Isaac Henry. Jeff is a staff writer at the U of C News and Information Office. Michael C. Taylor, AB'79, is a founding partner of the Toronto architectural firm Taylor Hariri Pontarini Architects, which opened earlier this year. The firm recently won an ideas competition, sponsored by the University of Toronto, on ways to make a local street into a central community space.

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    Donald L. Dyer, AM'82, PhD'90, has received tenure and been promoted to associate professor of Russian and linguistics at the University of Mississippi. Deborah Boylan Humphreville, AB'80, see 1979, Roger G. Humphreville. T. E. ("Rick") Kilcollin, AM'75, PhD'80, has accepted a job as managing director and CEO of the investments group at Wells Fargo Nikko Investments Advisors in San Francisco. He had been executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Robert C. Kunath, AB'80, was named assistant professor of history at Illinois College, where he will teach courses on world civilization and European history. This past year, Kunath was a visiting assistant professor at Cornell College in Iowa; he has also held teaching positions at St. Olaf College and Stanford University. Ralph P. Locke, AM'74, PhD'80, a faculty member since 1975 at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music, has been elected to serve as a director-at-large of the American Musicological Society. Howard L. Suls, AB'80, has completed residency training in family practice and moved to Wichita, KS, with wife Ann and son Jordan, as chief of clinical services, 22nd Medical Group, McConnell AFB. Howard and Ann recently returned from a 16-day safari in Kenya and Tanzania.


    Mark S. Cone, MBA'81, has been promoted to partner in the audit department of the St. Louis office of Deloitte & Touche. Lee Ann Frank-Olson, AM'81, and husband Randy announce the July 30 birth of their second child, daughter Marissa Grace. Twenty-one-month-old sister Meredith welcomed her to their home in Yorkville, IL. Jeffrey J. Makos, AB'81, AM'82, see 1979, Elizabeth R. ("Libby") Morse. Barry K. Rhoades, AM'81, is a visiting assistant professor of biology for the 1994-95 academic year at Carleton College. Most recently he was a research assistant professor in biological sciences at the University of North Texas. George W. Shields, PhD'81, has been promoted to chairperson of the division of literature, languages, and philosophy at Kentucky State University, where he is a professor of philosophy. In April, Robert K. Wimpelberg, PhD'81, was awarded a distinguished service award by the Politics of Education Association for his efforts to promote the growth of the PEA. Dean of the College of Education at the University of New Orleans, Wimpelberg also was elected to a two-year term as PEA president.


    Eliot S. Asser, PhD'82, was promoted to chief operating officer of the St. Louis office of W. F. Corroon, a human resources and employee benefits consulting company. Asser previously was the office's senior vice president and director of communications. Robert R. Barnes, AB'82, JD'85, and Lisa Schultz Barnes, AB'85, write: "Within a two-month span, our daughter Melanie Grace was born (March 28); Bob was named partner in the bankruptcy and creditors' rights department at Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble, and Mallory (whose San Diego office relocated at the same time); we bought and moved into our first-ever house; and Geoffrey, now 5, graduated from preschool and took the training wheels off his bike. Gotta love those `good' stressors!"

    In July, Lise C. Hauser, AB'82, earned her M.S. in maternal child health at the University of Illinois at Chicago and passed the national examination to become a certified nurse midwife. She delivers babies at Mercy Hospital and works in a bilingual community health clinic in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Linda A. Hill, AM'79, PhD'82, associate professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at the Harvard Business School, has been elected to the board of directors of Cooper Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of electrical, automotive, and industrial products. Hill also serves on the boards of the Rockefeller Foundation, Bryn Mawr College, the Children's Museum and Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, the Human Resource Planning Society, and the American Repertory Theatre.


    Margaret Dillon Cooper, MBA'83, see 1979, Roger G. Humphreville. Daniel R. Howard-Greene, AM'78, PhD'83, formerly a professor and director of planning and institutional research at the University of South Carolina in Lancaster, just started a new job as executive assistant to the president of California Polytechnic State University. Enis O©uz, SM'81, PhD'83, see 1971, Avadis S. Hacinliyan. Gary M. Piattoni, AB'83, is director of European furniture and decorative arts for Christie's East in New York City. He invites any New York alumni to look him up. Judith A. Testa, AM'67, PhD'83, an art professor at Northern Illinois University, recently spent five weeks in Rome developing a course, "Art in Rome: from the Caesars to Mussolini," to be offered next summer.

    For a profile, FED UP: Lucile McConnell, AB'83, click here.


    Kevin M. Cahill, Jr., AB'84, and Kathleen J. Waters, AB'85, were married in April 1993 in Point Lookout, NY. In January 1994, Kevin started the Chicago law firm of Brooks, Cahill and Hanley. They announce the May 28 birth of daughter Waters Josephine Cahill. Brian S. Cooper, MBA'84, see 1979, Roger G. Humphreville. Aaron F. Fishbein, JD'84, married Karen Grant on August 28 in Tarrytown, NY, at the old Biddle family estate. Aaron, who concentrates in environmental-coverage litigation, is an associate with the New York office of O'Melveny & Myers. Karen, a psychotherapist, works in Brooklyn Heights near the couple's new home. Therese Carrig Kristensen, AB'84, and Torben B. Kristensen, MD'91, announce the December 27, 1993, birth of their first child, Nicholas James. Torben is in his third year of a radiology residency at Stanford University, while Therese is "taking a welcome break from work to stay home with the littlest Kristensen." James Lousararian, JD'84, was elected president of TPS Technologies, Inc., the principal operating company of Thermo Remediation, Inc. He lives in Mansfield, MA, with wife Lori and their 3-year-old son, Adam. David A. O'Toole, AB'84, MBA'88, JD'92, has joined the Chicago law firm of Holleb & Coff as an associate in the litigation department, where he focuses on antitrust and general litigation. Formerly, O'Toole was an associate with Crowell & Moring in Washington, DC. Ann M. Schellenberg, AB'84, graduated in June from the University of Durham (England) with a Ph.D. in theology and church history. Her dissertation was on Francis William Newman, the Unitarian brother of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

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    Lisa Schultz Barnes, AB'85, see 1982, Robert R. Barnes. Maureen O'Brien, MBA'85, has been named as a principal in the accounting and consulting firm of Deloitte & Touche. O'Brien, of Verona, NJ, is a management consultant specializing in the publishing industry. She recently transferred to the New York office. Karl E. Studtmann, AB'85, received his M.D. from the University of Tennessee in June. He earned the Faculty Medal for Academic Achievement for having the highest grade-point average in his class. Studtmann plans to complete his ENT internship and residency in Lexington, KY. His mother, Carol J. Megge, is a teacher in the LaPorte, IN, school system, and his father, Earl I. Studtmann, SB'56, is an attorney in Portage, IN. Kathleen J. Waters, AB'85, see 1984, Kevin M. Cahill.


    Birds Nest Soup, a play written by Lucy Wang, MBA'86, was staged August 19-20 at the Playwright's Theatre of East Hampton in New York. In the fall, the play was also stage-read at Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles and produced for Urban Stages. Another of her plays, Junk Bonds, was produced by HOME for Contemporary Theatre in New York City and was nominated for the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Play Award. Kathleen J. Waters, AB'85, see 1984, Kevin M. Cahill. Juliet F. Wells, AB'86, married Charlie Leckenby on June 11 at Steamboat Lake, CO. In attendance were Pete Alibali, AB'83; Jeorg W. Houck, AB'85; Joseph F. Krebs, AB'85; Charles F. S. Vanover, AB'85; Martha M. Wagner, AB'86, AM'91; Edmund A. Laniado, AB'86; John A. Pedretti, AB'87; Joshua F. Schwartz, AB'87; and Wendelin L. McMahan, AB'90.


    Navy Lt. Gregory R. Bart, AB'87, recently completed Officer Indoctrination School, where students are prepared for duty according to their civilian professions. Bart joined the Navy in April. Rosa A. Eberly, AM'87, received her Ph.D. in English and the history and theory of rhetoric from Pennsylvania State University. She is now assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at the University of Texas at Austin. Stuart R. Gunn, MBA'87, has been elected a principal of the international management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, where he has worked since 1990. He advises clients on team-based organizations, business process re-engineering, and business strategy. Robert J. Holt, MBA'87, formerly area manager in the light flat-rolled marketing section of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Burns Harbor Division, has been promoted to assistant superintendent of the cold-sheet mill. Kathleen G. Lively, AB'87, AM'87, and Jonathan E. O. Nussbaum, AB'87, of Arlington, VA, announce the June 26 birth of Nicholas Carson Nussbaum.

    Sally Gibbons Livingston, MBA'87, and her husband, Josh, announce the August 12 birth of son Richard Gibbons. The three live in Beverly Hills, CA. Molly A. McClain, AB'87, recently received her Ph.D. in British history from Yale University and married lawyer/literary agent Don Gastwirth. This year she is an adjunct faculty member at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Terri Y. Montague, AB'87, has been promoted to assistant vice president by the Boston Financial Group. She now heads the customer-service team. Thomas J. Oko, AB'87, recently returned from Bo©aziçi University in Istanbul, where he helped develop a survey to measure the boundaries of Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Michigan. Carrie Veach Shea, AB'87, MBA'90, was promoted in January to principal at the international management-consulting firm A.T. Kearney. She and her husband, Michael E. Shea, a Ph.D. student in geochemistry at the U of C, announce the April 24 birth of Meghan Evelyn.


    William P. Fisher, Jr., AM'84, PhD'88, notes that both his wife and brother received University degrees in 1993: Adeline M. Masquelier is now a Ph.D. in anthropology, while Patrick B. Fisher earned his M.A. in education. William left his job of the last six years at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, IL, to become an associate professor in the "brand spanking new" department of health-systems research and development at the Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. In April, Winton G. Gibbons, Jr., MBA'88, began working for Boehringer Mannheim in Indianapolis as vice president, strategy and product planning. His wife, Maritza Diaz-Silveira Gibbons, MBA'89, was recently promoted to assistant director, strategic management, at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh. Since March 1993 they've had "a commuter marriage." Giorgio V. P. Kulp, AB'88, married Deborah Snyder in December 1992 in Washington, DC. His brother, Edoardo M. Kulp, AB'91, was best man. In attendance were John Alfano, AB'90; Stuart M. Feldman, AB'90; Steven L. Goldstein, AB'90; and Paul Turner, AB'90. Giorgio, a fourth-year medical student at George Washington University, is applying for residency programs in pediatrics. Deborah is a social worker at the National Institutes of Health and a clinical instructor at the University of Maryland.

    Brenda Spencer Landy, AM'88, joined Alliance Research as vice president. Her major responsibilities include client service, consulting, study design, and overall management of research projects for insurance, health-care, and related clientele. Paul F. Lerner, AB'88, married Fran Berstein. Both are doctoral candidates in history at Columbia University. Paul was recently awarded a year-long dissertation-writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Gregg L. Michel, AB'88, married Rhonda B. Katzman on June 12 in Newport Beach, CA. Gregg is the son of Stephen L. Michel, SB'58, MD'62, and the grandson of Helen Leventhal Michel King, SB'37. In attendance were Frederick S. Mishkin, MD'62; Jerald I. Simon, MD'62; John T. Buse, AB'85; Alexandra Bozovich, AB'88; and Pamela A. Martin, AB'89. Gregg and Rhonda live in Charlottesville, VA, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Southern American history at the University of Virginia and she is a human-resources administrator for Pharmaceutical Research Associates.


    David J. Adelman, AB'89, MBA'90, married Ilana Feldberg on May 29 at Arden House in Harriman, NY. Lewis R. Feldberg, AB'89, was the best man. Groomsmen were H. Andrew Brownfield III, AB'88, MBA'89; Ilan Huberman, AB'89, AM'89, a student in the Law School; Mark T. Phelan, AB'90, AM'90, MBA'93; and Michael A. Smith, AB'90. In attendance were: Faye-Marie Morgan Brownfield, AB'87; Jay D. Woldenberg, AB'87, MBA'89; Eunice Young Lee, AB'89; Deanna Shieh, AB'89; and Lawrence Y. Wu, PhD'92. The two honeymooned in Paris and now live in New York City. David is an equity analyst for Dean Witter Reynolds and Ilana is an assistant buyer for Bloomingdales. Maritza Diaz-Silveira Gibbons, MBA'89, see 1988, Winton G. Gibbons, Jr. Kevin A. Phelan, PhD'89, received a 1994 Central Research Achievement award from Pfizer, Inc., honoring his work in developing and implementing strategies to accelerate patient enrollment in large-scale clinical studies. Etya Pinker, AB'89, married Tal Novik on May 22 in Langhorne, PA. In attendance were: Debra J. Tuler, AB'87, AM'88; Scott W. MacPhail, AB'89; Patricia A. Mowery, AB'89; David S. Munger, AB'89; and Margaret Park Munger, AB'89. The two live in Queens, NY, where she is a freelancer in electronic publishing.

    Taco A. Sieburgh Sjoerdsma, MBA'89, now lives on the opposite side of the globe from his brother, Jelle S. Sjoerdsma, MBA'89. Taco heads the Asian equity research team for Paribas Capital Markets in Singapore. Jelle and his wife, Gwendolyn Weber Sjoerdsma, AM'90, both work for Price Waterhouse Management in Jelle's birthplace, Trinidad and Tobago. Both brothers say "a bed is always ready for friends." In May, Robert W. Stein, AB'89, graduated from the Rutgers University School of Law, receiving the West Publishing Company award, presented annually to the graduating student with the outstanding academic record. John R. Ziegelbauer, MBA'89, has been promoted to senior manager of the office of federal tax services at Grant Thornton, an accounting and management-consulting firm. He also serves on the firm's national financial-institutions committee.

    For a profile, Starting Out: Julia Kachine Crowe, AB'89, click here.

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    Daniel K. Crane, AB'90, married Audrey Hirsch on May 30, 1993. Their new last name is Crane-Hirsch. In attendance were Daniel's father, Garry M. Crane, AB'62; Dana D. Fleisch-hacker, AB'89; and Lowell W. Ungar, a graduate student in chemistry. Daniel is a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. Audrey graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Law School in May. Thomas W. Finucane, AB'90, and Kate B. Feldman, AB'92, were married on June 25 in New York City at The Sign of the Dove. Their new last name is Forest. In attendance were: Michael Dowd, AB'90; Matthew A. Leish, AB'90; Byron D. Sebastian, AB'90; Michael Shulman, AB'90; Michael S. Umlauf, AB'90; Aimée L. Drolet, AB'91, AM'93; and Elizabeth A. Albers, AB'92. After their honeymoon in Napa Valley, the two settled in Davis, CA, where he will continue his veterinary studies. She is a social worker at the CPC Sierra Vista Hospital in Sacramento and recently earned an M.S.W. at Columbia University. Britton B. Guerrina, AB'90, AM'90, has been accepted to study public administration as part of the international program at l'Ecole Nationale d'Administration. She is studying in Paris and Strasbourg from September 1994 through December 1995. Jeffrey C. Honnold, AB'90, received his M.A. in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and plans to continue his doctoral work there.

    Richard J. O'Shanna, MBA'90, was recently named vice president of the tax department for Square D Company and Groupe Schneider-North America. He is responsible for the organization's tax-planning and compliance functions. David L. Silvian, AB'90, and Laura J. Feinberg, SB'91, were married at Congregation B'nai Zion in El Paso, TX, on May 29. Sophia Stergianis, AB'91, was maid of honor, while Michael W. Leibig, PhD'93, was a groomsman. In attendance were Tamara M. Pierce, AB'90; Jeffrey S. Roberts, SB'90; and Roger A. Shaffer, Jr., AB'91, who "has started his own lighting- design business in Seattle and is enjoying the Seattle scene; his ponytail is also doing well." David recently graduated from Cornell Law School and will practice law in Essex, CT; Laura is a Ph.D. student in molecular biology and biophysics at Yale. They will live in New Haven. Gwendolyn Weber Sjoerdsma, AM'90, see 1989, Taco Sieburgh Sjoerdsma. Since graduation, David P. Steinberg, MD'91, has been a medical resident at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.


    Libby A. Christophersen, AB'91, recently received her M.F.A. in acting from New York University. She lives and auditions in New York City, and recently appeared as Julie on One Life to Live. Scott L. Fast, AB'91, has joined the Philadelphia-based law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis as an associate in the employment- and labor-law department. Laura J. Feinberg, SB'91, see 1990, David L. Silvian. Torben B. Kristensen, MD'91, see 1984, Therese Carrig Kristensen. Edoardo M. Kulp, AB'91, lives in San Francisco and works at Oral-B Laboratories as a marketing coordinator in the corporate marketing department, after two years of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Earlier this year, Kulp volunteered in the protocol department for the World Cup. He continues to fence and have fun and writes, "I would love to hear from other alumni in the Bay Area. `I'm in the book.'"

    Peggy Lin, AB'91, recently published poems in The Sucarnochee Review and California State Poetry Quarterly. She also sang in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's recording of Tchaikovsky's The Snow Maiden, which was released on CD by Chandos. Roger A. Shaffer, Jr., AB'91, see 1990, David L. Silvian. N. Scott Warman, AB'91, graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law in May. Warman, who has an interest in representing labor unions, began work at the Miami law firm of Sugarman & Susskind in June. He reports that Robert G. Kramer, AB'91, graduated with him and will be practicing law in New York City.


    Kate B. Feldman, AB'92, see 1990, Thomas W. Finucane. Andrew D. Gross, AB'92, has been promoted to vice president of marketing at Bob Abuie's Wholesale Pizza, Inc., a small food distributor in Baltimore. Navy Ensign Robert M. Oboza, AB'92, recently returned from a six-month Western Pacific/Persian Gulf deployment aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Harry W. Hill. As part of the United Nations embargo of Iraq, Oboza spent time conducting maritime-interception operations. Michael D. Newirth, AB'92, received the Henfield Foundation's Transatlantic Review award for his fiction. He is working toward his M.F.A. at the University of Florida, where he was the 1993 Kendall Fellow. Benjamin Panciera, AB'92, and Rachel L. Smith, AB'92, of South Bend, IN, were married this past summer. Marine John J. H. Pedersen, AB'92, was promoted to first lieutenant in May. He lives in Southern California, which he calls "truly the land of virtually perpetual sunshine." Pedersen also writes: "I think the hardest thing about having had the U of C experience is adjusting to `normal' sleep hours and low levels of stress in the world that awaits one after graduation." Joann S. Szymski, MBA'92, has been promoted to product manager at Colgate-Palmolive and will be working in the Warsaw offices. She can be reached at: Colgate-

    Palmolive, Plac Inwalidów 10, 01-552 Warsaw, Poland.


    William E. Burgess III, MBA'93, recently completed the Navy basic surface-warfare officer's course, which teaches students shipboard watch and division-officer duties. Patrick B. Fisher, AM'93, see 1988, William P. Fisher, Jr. In May, Daniel M. Jacobs, AB'93, received an M.A. in political science from the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. He works as a transportation planner for LS Transit Systems in Bloomfield, NJ. Kimberely Kolesar Krzywy, AM'93, and Henry J. Krzywy, AM'94, of Durham, NC, announce the May 5 birth of son Martin Alexander. Adeline M. Masquelier, PhD'93, is an assistant professor at Tulane University in New Orleans. Tulane funded her summer research in Dogondoutchi, Niger, while daughters Margaux, 4, and Eleanor, 2, visited their grandparents in Lyon, France. See 1988, William P. Fisher, Jr.

    Alexander E. Potente, AB'93, spent a year as a VISTA volunteer, working as a GED instructor in county jails in Bryan, TX. He entered Harvard Law School in the fall. Shalini Sharma, AB'93, AM'93, spent a year working for a human-rights project as a VISTA volunteer in Austin, TX. She is studying birthrates in Spain on a Fulbright grant. David J. Spivak, MBA'93, scored the second-highest grade on the May Uniform C.P.A. exam and earned a silver medal from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Marine 2nd Lt. Carl A. Zimring, AM'93, just entered the Ph.D. program in social history at Carnegie Mellon.


    Henry J. Krzywy, AM'94, see 1993, Kimberely Kolesar Krzywy. Alica E. ("Ali") Lejlic, AB'94, is the press secretary/attaché for the embassy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Washington, DC. He writes and edits press releases and speeches for the Bosnian ambassador to the United States and for Bosnian delegations visiting Washington in an official capacity.

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