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"I don't miss you,
Frieda, but my brother does."

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'Hood's been hot for a while
What an odd collection of misinformation and misinterpretation appeared in John Easton's "Here Goes the Neighborhood" (June/00). [ MORE ]

'Hood cuisine
The restaurant La Petite Folie "near the corner of 55th and Lake Park" ("Dining with the Stars," June/00) revives a fine culinary and social tradition in the neighborhood.
[ MORE ]

Ravelstein revisited
With reference to Saul Bellow's latest book, the controversy over whether or not Bloom died from AIDS is really beside the point ("Birdwatching," June/00).
[ MORE ]

SSA's ratings worth remembering
I read with interest the short blurb in the June/00 issue ("For the Record") about the rankings of graduate schools at the University of Chicago.
[ MORE ]

International House lives
I was so worried when hearing even the mention of International House closing ("Letters," June/00)-I lived at I-House and I worked in its cafeteria.
[ MORE ]

Comics, yes!
It seems there's some disagreement among letter writers (June/00) as to the value of comics in the university mag, in particular Jessica Abel's regular back-page cartoon ("Chicagophile") and her feature in the April/00 issue.
[ MORE ]

Dismal market for physicists
In your interview with Dean of the Division of the Physical Sciences David Oxtoby ("Chicago Journal," April/00), you asked,
[ MORE ]

What's in an athletics complex?
It must have been a very difficult task to decide what features would be inside the new athletics complex ("Chicago Journal," April/00).
[ MORE ]

Reference librarians: busy, busy
I was very happy to see Sem Sutter's letter in the April/00 issue, rectifying the editor's comparison of reference librarians to Maytag repairman.
[ MORE ]

Computer-less communication
Your "Editor's Notes" in the February/00 issue interested me. You spoke of the annual survey of readers' opinions of the Magazine.
[ MORE ]

Illustrated journalism fan
Reading the letters in the June/00 issue made me feel guilty. I loved Jessica Abel's profile of Mike Klingensmith and didn't write to say so.

I hope you got a few letters of praise and the response wasn't limited to the alum who didn't care for the synthesis that is illustrated journalism. Clearly not an Art Spiegelman fan.

Sean Carr, AB'90

Unfair "outings"
In "Birdwatching" (June/00), you referred to the charges some have made that Mr. Bellow unfairly "outed" Mr. Bloom, by having Ravelstein, a character based on Bloom, die of AIDS.

Just curious, is it the fair way to out somebody to refer to a surviving friend as a "companion"? That's what you did.

Arnold Knepfer, MD'58
Madera, California

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