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Books by Alumni

image: Class Notes headlineAdvice and how-to
Laura J. Praglin, AM'93, PhD'98, and Michael T. Osborn, editors;
Starting Your Career: The Best Resources to Help You Find the Right Job
[ MORE ]

Biography and letters
Erving E. Beauregard, AB'42,
Notables of Harrison County, Ohio; Jack C. Ellis, AM'48, John Grierson: Life, Contributions, Influence; Berida Ndambuki and Claire C. Robertson, AM'68, We Only Come Here to Struggle: Stories from Berida's Life [ MORE ]

Business and economics
Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi, PhD'88, and Daniel Gros, PhD'84, Open Issues in European Central Banking; E. S. Savas, AB'51, SB'53, Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships
[ MORE ]

David T. Read AM'79, PhD'87,
Temperate Conquests: Spenser and the Spanish New World
[ MORE ]

Fiction and poetry
Adria P. Bernardi, AM'89,
The Day Laid on the Altar; Bruce Nortell, JD'71, Rimed Recipes: (Cooking in Seven Sages); James L. Weil, AB'50, Washday, and Others
[ MORE ]

History and current events
Chris J. Chulos, AM'85, PhD'94, and Timo Piirainen, editors,
The Fall of an Empire, the Birth of a Nation: National Identities in Russia; Joshua A. Fogel, AB'72, editor, The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography;
Robert H. Holden, PhD'86, and Eric S. Zolov, AM'90, AM'90, PhD'95, editors, Latin America and the United States: A Documentary History; Donald Kirk, AM'65, Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era; Thomas W. Krise, PhD'95, editor, Caribbeana: An Anthology of English Literature of the West Indies, 1657-1777; Mark Wasserman, AM'71, PhD'75, Everyday Life and Politics in Nineteenth Century Mexico: Men, Women, and War [ MORE ]

Medicine and health
David Rifkind, MD'57, The Medical Abacus: Review of Clinical Formulas and How to Use Them; W. Richard Scott, PhD'61; Martin Ruef; Peter J. Mendel; and Carol A. Caronna, Institutional Change and Healthcare Organizations: From Professional Dominance to Managed Care; Scott L. Spear, MD'72, Surgery of the Breast: Principles and Art; Cynthia S. Stuen, AM'73, Family Involvement: Maximizing Rehabilitation Outcomes for Older Adults with a Disability [ MORE ]

Political science and law
Samuel Merrill III and Bernard Grofman, SB'66, AM'68, PhD'72, A Unified Theory of Voting: Directional and Proximity Spatial Modes; David Novak, AB'61, Covenantal Rights: A Study in Jewish Political Theory; Alexander J. Reichl, AB'82, Reconstructing Times Square: Politics and Culture in Urban Development
[ MORE ]

Psychiatry and psychology
Harold H. Mosak, AB'43, PhD'50, and Michael P. Maniacci,
A Primer of Adlerian Psychology: The Analytic-Behavioral-Cognitive Psychology of Alfred Adler [ MORE ]

Religion and Philosophy
Morris B. Eson, AM'44, PhD'51,
Passover Haggadah for All Generations: A Modern Midrash; Lowell K. Handy, AM'80, PhD'87, Entertaining Faith: Reading Short Stories in the Bible[ MORE ]

Social sciences
Christopher J. Clausen, AM'65, Faded Mosaic: The Emergence of Post-Cultural America; Lynn R. Davidman, AM'78, Motherloss; Rita Gorawara-Bhat, PhD'93, The Social and Spatial Ecology of Work: The Case of a Survey Research Organization; Gerald Handel, AB'47, AM'51, PhD'62, Making a Life in Yorkville; Harold D. Kooden, AB'59, AM'64, PhD'67, and Charles Flowers, Golden Men: The Power of Gay Midlife
[ MORE ]

Louis F. Aulbach, MBA'73, AM'73, and Linda C. Gorski,
The Upper Canyons of the Rio Grande; Elmer E. Jones, PhB'48, SB'50, Walks on Weston Conservation Land: A Guide [ MORE ]

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  AUGUST 2000

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