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  > > e-Bulletin: 06/14/02

"There's a doctoral study in this, somewhere."

Life as a mind relived
I can't say enough how much I enjoyed the article by David Forbes ("My Life as a Mind-Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb University," April/02). The title alone was too wonderful. Forbes put into words so many things I would say about my undergraduate experience and how I translate that time presently.
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Right mood, wrong caption
I loved and related to David Forbes's quite accurate revisiting of "boomer" heaven at the U of C of the late '60s. One minor inaccuracy, however, is the small photo on page 29 captioned "rallying cries to bring back organized football."

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No Survivor, please
Reading William S. Wan's article, "Home, Home in the Reg" (April/02) reminded me of two things. First, I recalled my reactions during a tour of the recently revamped Regenstein to the physical alterations of the place.
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Scalia scathed
I was disappointed (but not surprised) to read the puff piece on Justice Scalia ("Chicago Journal," April/02). There are some well-known people who have University associations that I am not proud of; Justice Scalia is one.


Public accountability
I read with interest the piece on Roman Weil and the Enron/Arthur Andersen disgrace ("Investigations," April/02). I agree with many of Weil's points, particularly the one about more backbone being needed on the part of the auditors.


The simple truth?
I read Prof. John Mearsheimer's article "Liberal Talk, Realist Thinking" (February/02) with interest and then waited to see the letters in reply dissect it.
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Protesting post hoc, propter hoc
Bradford Lyttle, AM'51, wrote to say that "...the belief that military force can be such a rationally controlled instrument of change is unscientific," and that "[t]he destruction of the World Trade Center towers occurred because all of the physical and psychological conditions for their destruction existed."
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Flat-out wrong
I have found the Magazine to be well worth time invested in reading it because, unlike so many publications for alumni, it assumes an intelligent audience. I have learned much from it, all of which made even more disturbing a passing statement in a recent number ("Investigations: The discovery of discovery, or our debt to Copernicus," February/02).
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Expanded mentoring
The description of "Out and About" in the February/02 "College Report" made me wonder why graduate counselors at Career and Placement Services don't run a mentoring program providing College advisers for all College students: mentoring "by other students…can't offer the life experience and perspective that faculty and staff can."


G'Night, Nightline

At the beginning of spring quarter, the University announced the closure of Niteline, a student-run listening service founded in 1979 (See "Chicago Journal,"). Niteline (formerly known as Hotline) was anonymous, confidential, and late-night, providing information, referrals, listening, and crisis intervention to anyone who called.

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WTC snapshots wanted

For a photographic montage I am preparing for exhibition, I would appreciate the loan of snapshots of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, preferably with friends or family in the foreground.

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The Magazine invites letters on its contents or topics related to the University. Letters must be signed and may be edited.

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