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Volume 96, Issue 2

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Upon what meat have you fed that you can…

“Aims” address hits the mark

Thank you for printing the “Aims of Education” address given by Professor Abbott for first-year students (“The Zen of Education,” October/03). Rarely have I read anything so well-done. I congratulate him on providing both the students and me with such a memorable view of what education can be, especially at the U of C. With respect to Professor Abbott’s opening comment on the size of his nose, I can only confirm his assumption, judging from the charming photo shown in the Magazine.

Donald F. Smith, PhD’71
Egaa, Denmark

Having bloodied my head against the wall called the “Aims of Education” during my career at several institutions of “higher learning,” I was moved to tears upon realizing that the idea supporting Hutchins’s University of Utopia and Champ Ward’s College was still surviving at the University. As one who stood in silent protest 51 years ago last spring waiting for the faculty senate’s decision on the continued life of the College, I will never be satisfied with the decision to offer concentrations in the College program. That the Class of 2006 gave the address a standing ovation shows that education as an end and not a means can still stir the emotions.

Education as an end in itself is a noble idea whose pursuit, I am sure, did not benefit me materially. But once having a glimpse of the life in search of education, I could follow no other path.

William Raymond Smith, AB’53, AM’59, PhD’61
Gillsburg, Pennsylvania

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