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Volume 96, Issue 2

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Right about the lawyer

Rachel Morton’s article, “Rural Route” (October/03), about attorney Peter Langrock, AB’58, JD’60, was right on the mark. Peter is a very highly regarded lawyer here in Vermont, for reasons that go beyond all those the piece brought to light. He is a person of great skills but also a good man.

I have an anecdote that may tell readers why the article was fully justified: Peter and I were appearing before a Vermont House of Representatives committee taking testimony on the issue of punitive money damages in the civil system of justice. Peter argued the affirmative as well as anyone could, and then I argued the negative. When I finished and sat down beside him, he turned to me with a smile on his face and in a low voice said, “Alden, how can someone so well-schooled as you be so wrong?”

Alden Guild, JD’57
Montpelier, Vermont

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