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See-minus effort
I am very pleased to be able to request a photocopy of Professor Weintraub’s Ryerson lecture. I am simply unable to read the article as printed, partly as a result of my poor eyesight, partly due to the printing. There is little I can do about my eyes, beyond what has already been done, but two major revisions in the future would help.

First, please compare this article with one on page 55 of the same issue. Professor Weintraub’s article is printed black on gray. This makes it very difficult to see letters sharply. Notice how sharply visible is the article with black print on yellow.

Second, please compare the two contrasting column formats. Weintraub’s article is printed in one column, the next article is printed in three columns. The difference is between easy reading and impossible reading. My eyes simply cannot follow all the way across the page, and then focus the return on the next line.

I am eagerly looking forward to receiving a photocopy of what appears to be an outstanding article. Thank you very much for your kind offer.

Donald S. Barnhart, AM’50, PhD’53
San Mateo, California

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