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:: Original Source: Falling into place

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image:  Humans: a league of their own
Humans: a league of their own
Geneticist Bruce Lahn shows that the human brain evolved more rapidly than in other species.
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image:  sign of the timesSign of the times
Shame and disgust are enjoying their biggest legal comeback since colonial times: compare Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter with, say, a California judge in 1990 ordering a man to wear a shirt reading, “I am on felony probation for theft.”
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image:  Miller’s tale waxes philosophic Miller’s tale waxes philosophic
In “The Miller’s Tale,” Geoffrey Chaucer describes Alisoun, the old carpenter’s beautiful young wife, as an object of male desire. Chaucer calls forth natural images—the slimness of a weasel’s body, the tenderness of a chicken, the sweetness of fruit—to reveal her sexuality.
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