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Can behavioral economics save us from ourselves?
Traditional economics holds that humans, as rational beings, make choices to maximize their welfare. Richard Thaler argues that policy makers would do well to remember that rationality has its bounds.
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image:  campus map 2020 vision
A two-phase extension to Chicago’s master plan will beef up west and south campus.
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image:  Bruce Lahn Humans: a league of their own
Geneticist Bruce Lahn shows that the human brain
evolved more rapidly than in other species.
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image:  cultural studies Cultural Studies
As the academic seasons turn and classes begin, students flock to campus bookstores to stock up on required reading, braving long lines, crowded corridors, and the occasional empty shelf.
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image:  bird from letters Letters
Readers criticize scholars’ takes on religion, alumni’s views on Iraq, and the Magazine’s decision to catalog alumni books online.
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