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William Rainey Harper's Index

Down memory lane

Number of University professors who competed against four children on the 1950 “Quiz Kids” show—and lost: 4

Price that dining-hall ketchup was reduced to after 1963 student protests: $0.01

Year smoking was banned in classrooms: 1964

Attendance at Muhammad Ali’s anti-Vietnam War address at Henry Crown Fieldhouse in May 1967: 1,600

Number of Regenstein Library fires set by a suspected arsonist in winter 1975: 10

Year the two-day reading period was implemented: 1983

Attendees at the last Lascivious Costume Ball, featuring strippers and “nearly naked” dancing, in 1984: 2,000

Cost of repairs and parking tickets for the Maroonmobile in 1990, when pranksters took it for a joyride and abandoned it at Cobb Hall: $3,000

Year two Scav Hunt participants successfully built a plutonium-producing nuclear reactor: 1999