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Peer Review

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Comic artist Ivan Brunetti, AB’89, finds himself on both sides of the drawing board more often than not. “My comics are about me,” he says. “Or people that I think are like me. Or animals that are basically me.” (See “Stripped Down”)

A Brunetti self-portrait. To see the full-size image of another strip he drew for the Magazine, click here." Follow the vertical panel to the top, then read left to right, top to bottom.

Arts & Letters

photo:  hamza walkerUnromancing the Renaissance
Curator Hamza Walker, AB’88, handles the down-to-earth details of alienating art.
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photo:  alumni awardsAlumni Award Winners 2005
Each year the University of Chicago's Alumni Board of Governors recognizes alumni who have made notable contributions to society and the University.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Dog days of summer.
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