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- Healing arts
- Staffers who lunched
- Footnote to club’s history
- No pants, no problem
- The Bellovian connection
- Reform not just for hip-hop
- The painting on the wall
- War’s reality
- AD nausea?
- Department of corrections

In Every Issue

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Editor's Notes
In the annual fight against August ennui, academics have a powerful ally: the promise of September.
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image:  lite of the mind Lite of the Mind
They’re carved in stone all over the quadrangles, but are their locations etched in your memory?
Take the Magazine’s graven-image quiz and test your GQ (that’s gargoyle quotient).
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image:  bird from letters Letters
Readers champion the power of art, the value of Yerkes Observatory, the camaraderie of the
Quadrangle Club, and intellectual honesty.
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