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FOTA facts

photo:  fota factsYears since Festival of the Arts began on the University of Chicago campus: 51

Art projects sponsored by FOTA 2006: 50

Number of students on FOTA’s board of directors: 9

Dollars spent to produce FOTA this year: 35,000

Cupcakes consumed at the FOTA 2006 launch party: 400

Age of the youngest model photographed for FOTA publicity: 3

Pounds of concrete supporting “The Labyrinth,” a magenta maze (right) set up near Pick Hall: 3,600

Playing cards comprising “House of Cards,” arranged atop the Mitchell Tower seal: 208

Easels displaying student and staff artwork throughout the week: 36

Dresses destroyed in “Prom Dress Rugby,” in which the women’s rugby team played in second-hand gowns to live orchestral music: 14

Indian rupees used for “Workshop,” a performance-art piece employing foreign currency to make T-shirts: 1,035