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ClearVu, by Carole Nelson, MFA’65, was shown at California’s Brisbane City Hall Gallery in April. “I have always found woodblock prints to be the most inclusive creative experience,” says Nelson, who began plying the medium before studying at Chicago. “You draw using knives and gouges; you sculpt using knives and chisels; you paint using brayers and brushes; and lastly, you print using the most basic tools—the pressure of your hands and the absorbency of the paper.”

photo: The Hyde Park Art Center showcases its new stomping grounds.Art house
The Hyde Park Art Center showcases its new stomping grounds.
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photo:  the rhetoric of boredomThe rhetoric of boredom
Emory social historian Elizabeth Goodstein digs deep into the doldrums.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Chicago students abandon terra firma to hoist sails, oscillate oars, and battle on inner tubes.
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