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The Seminary Co-op Bookstore’s sales over the ten-day fall textbook rush: $520,000

Percentage of the Co-op’s first-week sales from course-required books: 92

Co-op’s sales for the year: $4.4 million

Amount in returns each day the first week of classes: $4,100-–$6,700

Overtime hours expected of Co-op employees during the rush: 8

Cost of the Co-op’s most expensive textbook, Social Psychology by Myers (McGraw–Hill): $122

Cost of the University of Chicago Bookstore’s most expensive text, Mastering Physics by Knight (Special U of C edition): $186.10

Number of books required for the graduate anthropology course Development of Social & Cultural Theory—the most at the Co-op:

Number of novels and plays required for Spanish 39400: Teatro Del Siglo XX—the most at the U of C Bookstore: 16