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Moonlight, by Brian D. Smith, MFA'89, was part of an April show at St. Louisls Duane Reed Gallery. The 46 x 42-inch oil on canvas, Smith says, "reveals my fascination with the language of shape, color, and the illusion of space." The painting examines how an evening-glow light alters forms.

photo: sci-fi guySci-fi guy
Novelist and blogger John Scalzi offers would-be writers some down-to-earth advice.
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photo:  botanical inspirationBotanical inspiration
Artist and writer Hugh Musick never stops inventing.
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photo: lady of the ringsLady of the rings
Sandra Hindman takes medieval treasures to market.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Be it ancient sculpture or postmodern photography, Hyde Park offers plenty of eye candy for art buffs.
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