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In Every Issue ::

Lite of the mind
(a light-hearted look at all things Chicago)

How to Calculate Your ChD

For each correct answer, award yourself four (4) points.

1. The fruit of the female gingko tree. (Usually the Chicago Park District plants the male, fruitless trees.)

2. Kuviasungnerk, believed to be Eskimo for “happy times.” Add .5 points for correct spelling.

3. On the first of May (International Workers’ Day), if the sun shines, the sculpture’s shadow turns into the Communist hammer and sickle.

4. Come summer 2008, Rockefeller Chapel’s newly restored carillon (at 100 tons and 72 bells, it’s the world’s second-largest) will resume its summer recital tradition, ringing out in a series of celebratory concerts.

5. Tenure. Stagg was, however, forced to retire from the U of C at age 70; for the next 12 years he coached at the College of Pacific.

6. Robert Maynard Hutchins. A fierce proponent of higher education’s mandate to produce responsible citizens, Hutchins was no fan of intercollegiate athletics—pulling Chicago out of the Big Ten Conference in 1939.

7. Both were designed by Eero Saarinen, who developed Chicago’s campus master plan in the 1950s.

8. Hutchinson Commons takes its vaulted ceiling and paneled walls from the hall of Christ Church College.

9. Goldenrod. To quote Alonzo Stagg’s autobiography: “The yellow ran, soiled easily, and had a regrettable symbolism which our opponents might not be above commenting upon.”

10. The University of Chicago Tartan—what else? The skirl of the pipes recalls the Scottish heritage of Chicago’s first president, William Rainey Harper.


Are you degree-ready? Here’s how to score:

40 or above.
If doctorates were awarded with honors, your ChD would be summa cum laude. But they’re not.

20 to 36.5 points.
By virtue of authority delegated to the Magazine, its editors grant you the ChD, with all accompanying privileges and responsibilities.

0 to 16.5 points.
You are a serious person, focused on your own degree and goals. Why did you take this quiz?