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While creating a collection of handmade-paper paintings for a project she started in fall 2004, Jill Littlewood, X’71, found death all around her: in art books, movies, photographs, anthropological articles, and, of course, religious imagery. “The rich culture of death is evident everywhere if you are looking for it,” she wrote in exhibit notes. With 200 panels, 18 x 24 inches each—including such pieces as Enso (above/left) and Woman, Leaves—Death and Other Lives shows this summer in Chicago. See May–June/08 “On Exhibit.”

Alone in the landscape
To revive her awe of art, Erin Hogan traveled West, armed with a map, a camera—and no plan.

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A veteran’s voice
Matthew Currier Burden uses his blog to tell soldiers’ stories.

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New-world symphony
Composer Ricardo Lorenz brings together two musical traditions.

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Structured success
When financial consultant Janet Tavakoli talks, people listen. At least, they should.

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