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On board

Illustration: Brian Leiter

Number of undergraduate alumni, prior to Andrew M. Alper’s (AB’80, MBA’81) appointment this past March, to chair the University’s Board of Trustees: 3

Year that former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, AB’38, became the first female trustee: 1969

Number of current trustees: 44

Percentage of board members who are alumni, including of the Lab Schools: 77

Percentage when James S. Crown became chair in 2003: 67

Length, in years, of a term
on the board: 5

Number of standing committees, including Campus Planning and Facilities, and Financial Planning: 12

Age at which trustees can no longer serve as “active,” except for the University president: 71

Longest tenure of an active trustee, in years: 41 (Harold H. Swift, PhB 1907, served from 1914 to ‘55)

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