60Phyllis Ritzenberg Wax, AB’60, had poems published in the anthology Other Testaments: Biblical Revisionist Poetry, as well as in recent issues of the Wisconsin Academy Review and the North Coast Review.

61 Bruce J. Vermazen, AB’61, AM’62, reports this is his final year of chairing the philosophy department at the University of California, Berkeley. The musical director of the San Francisco Starlight Orchestra, Vermazen is producing the group’s third CD for Stomp Off Records.

62 College alumni—Mike Einisman, AB’62, MBA’63, and Judith E. Stein, AB’62, AM’64, write: From Stanley G. Irvine, AB’62, JD’65, we hear that two of his poems, “Cajuns” and “At Christmas Eve,” were translated into Spanish and printed in La Carava de Calatrava—a literary journal published in Madrid. John M. Fritz, AB’62, AM’68, PhD’74, reports that he is still working in South Indian archaeology and has been traveling a great deal—to Australia, for work and pleasure; to Rome, for a conference; to Greece, for a wedding; and to Switzerland, for a walk in the Alps. Peru, Chile, and Argentina were scheduled for the New Year’s holidays. Jack Zevin, AB’62, MAT’64, a professor of education at CUNY Queens College, received its presidential teaching award, a fitting honor for someone who has spent his life in education. He was disappointed to read (as were many of us) that the U of C is closing its education department. Congratulations to Philip G. Altbach, AB’62, AM’63, PhD’66, who has been named the J. Donald Monan, SJ, professor in higher education at Boston College. He is also the director of Boston College’s Center for International Higher Education. Katherine (“Katy,” formerly “Kathy”) Kiblinger Gottschalk, AB’62, AM’63, PhD’74, has come up for air long enough to tell us that she directs the freshman writing seminars at Cornell University and is engaged in all the related work of committees, conferences, and writing. On the home front, both her children have returned to Ithaca. Son Alexander, who was graduated from Brown, is now doing computer-tech work, and daughter Sarah is in her first year of  veterinary school. Katy’s husband, John, is an artist (sculpture and painting) and works at home in his studio. She invites us to see his wonderful work and writes, “I envy him his time at home, as we live at the end of a dead-end road in a wooded spot with two ponds, heron, deer, geese, and unbroken quiet (well, the occasional chain saw or lawn mower aside).” Beware of issuing such invitations, Katy. We just might appear for a remake of “On Golden Pond.”
Class of ’62, unite and bond with Mike Einisman, via fax, snail mail, or phone; or with Judith E. Stein, via e-mail. And to all of our classmates, we hope the groundhog didn’t see its shadow  in your part of the world.
College alumni, please send your news to: Mike Einisman, AB’62, MBA’63, 477 Green Bay Road, Highland Park, IL 60035-4935. Phone: 847/433-6101 (h); 800/438-3901 (w). Fax: 847/433-5411. Or e-mail Judith E. Stein, AB’62, AM’64, at: JEStein62@aol.com.
Other alumni news includes: When the International Society for Political Psychology held its annual meeting in Krakow, Poland, in July, Betty Glad, PhD’62, received the Harold B. Lasswell award for her contributions to political psychology. Glad is the Olin D. Johnston professor of political science at the University of South Carolina. The U of C’s Pritzker School of Medicine recently honored John E. Kasik, SM’53, MD’54, PhD’62, with a distinguished alumnus award. Kasik also was named internist of the year at the University of Iowa College of Medicine. In April, Dan B. (“Skip”) Landt, AM’62, the executive assistant to the chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, was elected president of the board of North Park Elementary School, where daughter Ginny, 9, and son Matthias, 6, attend. Landt, who plays harmonica, jug, and percussion with the Midwestern jug/blues band Patent Medicine, wrote Harmonica Made Easy (Publishers Clearing House). He also teaches part time at the Old Town School of Folk Music and, together with Fran, his wife of 11 years, performs children’s musical programs.

63 The Class of 1963 celebrates its 35th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
After ten years as dean of the Washington University School of Law, Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr., JD’63, announced in October that he would step down in June to return, after a sabbatical, to teaching and scholarship there as a professor of law. Alan M. Levy, AB’63, JD’65, and his wife have become grandparents, and daughter Shawn has become engaged. Levy, an attorney in Milwaukee, teaches at the University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee.

64 Ichiko T. Morita, AM’64, a longtime professor of library administration at Ohio State University, now heads the Japan Documentation Center at the Library of Congress.

66 Marjorie Spotts Litsinger, AM’66, a mental-health clinician, works with children in Solano County (CA). Husband James is a “globe-trotting entomologist, international agriculturalist, and environmentalist.” Daughter Jennie studies engineering and French at the University of California, Davis; daughter Emilie studies marine biology and international relations at the University of California, Santa Cruz; and son Alex is a high-school senior.

67  College alumni—Deanna Dragunas Bennett, AB’67, writes: Beginning with this column, I’m showing e-mail addresses for featured classmates. Contact me for e-mails of others. Robert M. Silverstein, AB’67, SM’68, PhD’70, MBA’82, at bob.silverstein@fastsigns.com, recently spent a week touring western England, where he played clarinet in seven concerts with the Mt. Prospect Community Band. Bob has joined the board of the Northwest Suburban Association of Commerce and Industry. The association jointly presented two 1997 awards to Bob and his wife, Merle: the chairman’s award and the distinguished members awards. The couple owns a very successful Fastsigns (custom business signs) franchise in Schaumburg, IL. Richard D. (“R. D.”) Eno, AB’67, at rdeno@plainfield.bypass.com, spent the past two-and-a-half years as chair of the Cabot, VT, selectboard (the local municipal government’s executive branch) dealing with roads, budgets, wastewater systems, zoning, and barking dogs. When his term ends in March, Eno will return to writing and to studying the Jewish philosopher Mordecai Kaplan. He and his wife, Janet, have a daughter, Berrian, with theatrical aspirations and a son, Jonas, who plays R&B guitar. Ronald P. Salzberger, X’67, at Ron_Salzberger@metro2.metro.msus.edu, left our U of C class before graduation, received his B.A. at Minnesota and Ph.D. at Harvard, and now chairs the philosophy department at Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis­St. Paul. Ron says he lives in the cold of Minnesota because the opera is so good there! He and his ex-attorney, now freelance-author wife, Mary C. Turck, AB’70, have two “most beautiful and talented” daughters: Macy, 5, and Molly, 7. Judith McCrocklin Wright, AB’67, at jwright@govmail.state.nv.us, missed our June reunion to attend her son Morgan’s U of C graduation the following weekend. The proud mother reports that Morgan was on the dean’s list all four years and co-captained the best U of C soccer team in recent history. Judy left Montana for Nevada and a definite upward career move. As chief of the Bureau of Family Health Services, she is in charge of all of Nevada’s maternal- and child-health programs.
College alumni, please send your news to: Deanna Dragunas Bennett, AB’67, 1622 El Tair Trail, Clearwater, FL 33765. Phone: 813/796-8807 (h). E-mail: vcdr72b@prodigy.com.
Other alumni news includes: Joan Wennstrom Bennett, SM’64, PhD’67, is a professor of cellular and molecular biology at Tulane University. Her third son, Mark, is a third-year student in the College. Jere E. Brophy, AM’65, PhD’67, is the university distinguished professor of teacher education at Michigan State University. In October, Ronnald W. Farland, AM’67, was honored by Luther College in Decorah, IA, with a distinguished service award for outstanding alumni. Farland is dean of workforce education for the California Community Colleges. Marylou J. Lionells, PhD’67, directs the William Alanson White Institute for Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology, “the first (and only) analytic center in the U.S. to analytically treat AIDS victims, their families, and the extended networks of those affected by the virus,” she writes.  Lionells, who was interviewed by New York magazine and the BBC about her optimism for the future of psychoanalysis, recently established a new center for the study of psychological trauma. She has two stepdaughters and three grandchildren. Patricia O’Grady, AM’67, is retiring after 30 years of clinical social work with children and families in California and Illinois. Adele R. Waltch, AM’67, of La Cañada, CA, has a private psychotherapy practice there. Son Alex Dombrowski, 24, is an artist living in Paris. “My life has been enriched,” notes Waltch, “since offering a home and family to an 18-year-old student from Sarajevo,” who is now attending college in Los Angeles. Waltch recently returned from a trip to London and Italy, where she met the student’s family for the first time.

68 The Class of 1968 celebrates its 30th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
Keith E. Elkins, PhD’68, retired late last year as a distinguished service professor at SUNY­Empire State College in Buffalo, NY, where he worked for 23 years at the school’s Niagara Frontier Center. Ronald L. Ramseyer, MBA’68, has joined Federated Department Stores, Inc., as the president and CEO of Macy’s By Mail in New York.

69 Craig D. Barton, AB’69, of Pacific, MO, is COO of the startup company Barton Images, which will publish, market, and distribute Barton’s photographic images as open-edition, signed art prints. In his spare time, Edward J. Coman, Jr., MBA’69, founded, and now directs, a Catholic ministry that helps people find work. “This is what happens when a Chicago M.B.A. falls in love with God,” Coman writes. Two years ago, Marshall K. Hechter, MBA’69, helped cofound Alpha InterSoft, Inc., which distributes enterprise software. Son David is pursuing an M.B.A. at the U of C, and in September daughter Elissa married an alumnus of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business.

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