70 M. Hill Hammock, MBA’70, was promoted from executive vice president and chief credit officer to COO for LaSalle National Bank last year. He also chaired the program committee for the Chicago Historical Society’s annual “Making History” awards dinner last May. Gerald W. N. Yee, AB’70, a lawyer in Honolulu, and his wife, Song Yi Xu Yee, who moved to the U.S. from China in 1996, announce the September birth of their first child, son Cordell Sui Loong. Carleton College announced in October that Catherine Heldt Zuckert, AM’66, PhD’70, was named its William R. Kenan, Jr., professor of political philosophy.

71 Peter O. Kurz, AB’71, currently an agricultural affairs counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, will relocate to Germany in August to assume the same position in Bonn.

72  College alumni—Dorthea H. Juul, AB’72, PhD’89, writes: Last year, William J. Lazarus, AB’72, JD’84, won an ethics award from the Chicago Headline Club and the Society of Professional Journalists for “pursuing a story in the face of trying circumstances.” Warren J. Paul, AB’75, recently relocated to Arvada, CO, to become the manager of water-resources engineering for MK Centennial/MK International Engineers, the infrastructure-engineering arm of the Morrison Knudsen Group. Previously, he worked for GEI Consultants, Inc., on their Pardee Reservoir enlargement project in the San Francisco Bay area. Warren is licensed to practice civil engineering in ten states. Joan Reisman Brill, AB’72, and her husband, Hal, are thrilled to an-nounce the birth of their first child, Leon Isaac, this past September. While most of our cohort are sending children off to college, becoming grandparents, or weighing early retirement, they are “having a blast interpreting whimpers and mastering diapers, bottles, and bouncy chairs.”
College alumni, please send your news to: Dorthea H. Juul, AB’72, PhD’89, 1115 South Plymouth Court, #302, Chicago, IL 60605. Phone: 847/374-4204 (w). Fax: 847/236-4304. E-mail: djuul@abpn.com.
Other alumni news includes: Last year,  Marilyn D. Button, AM’72, was appointed codirector of academic advising at Lincoln University, where she is also an associate professor of English. Button will spend a springtime sabbatical at the Institute for Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem. T. Timothy Chen, SM’69, PhD’72, a mathematical statistician in biometric research at the National Cancer Institute, was named a fellow of the American Statistical Association. George T. Martin, THM’69, DMN’72, founded and recently published the second issue of Perspectives, a journal on issues affecting people with developmental disabilities. Dennis F. Miller, AM’72, is the CEO of Science and Technology International, Inc. Jane E. Roiter, AM’72, received her Ph.D. in June from the Institute of Clinical Social Work and has a private practice with offices in Chicago and Evanston.

73 The Class of 1973 celebrates its 25th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
The correct e-mail address for Nettie S. Breslin, PhD’73, whose news appeared in the Magazine’s December 1997 issue, is nbreslin@worldnet.att.net. Dale A. Schempp, MBA’73, graduated from St. Louis University Law School with a J.D. in May 1996 and passed the bar in February 1997. Son William is in his third year at Pritzker School of Medicine, and son Bruce is in the M.B.A. program at the University of Illinois.

74 Yvan E. Brabant, MBA’74, of Boca Raton, FL, is president of Profold, Inc., which manufactures machinery such as paper-folding and postal equipment. Gail Erickson Cafferata, PhD’74, received an M.Div. from the Episcopal Divinity School in May, was ordained a deacon in June, and is a deacon and the church-school coordinator at All Saints Parish in Brookline, MA. A quality-improvement consultant at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Cafferata lives in Belmont, MA, with her husband, Robert—a postdoctoral fellow at the U of C from 1968 to 1971 and now the director of new technology assessment and development for C. R. Bard Cardiology—and their daughter, Heather. Cafferata enjoys gardening, birding, and visiting daughter Lisa in Buffalo, NY. Richard Feinberg, AM’71, PhD’74, is chairing Kent State University’s faculty senate for the 1997­98 academic year. Robert S. Helfer, AB’74, AM’82, in August earned a Ph.D. in library and information science from the University of Texas at Austin. Md. Aminur R. Khan, PhD’74, turned 60 in January and retired after 18 years as chief of fertility and family planning in the UN’s population division in New York. Khan plans to return to his home country of Bangladesh, where he hopes to teach a university-level course on the sociology of development and population. Ronald E. Twine, MBA’74, continues to work in the telecommunications industry, but in a new job: director of information services for KMC Telecom in Atlanta. Carleton College announced in October that Michael P. Zuckert, AM’67, PhD’74, formerly the Dorothy and Edward Congdon professor of political science, is now the William R. Kenan, Jr., professor of politics, law, and philosophy.

75 J. William Melsop, MBA’75, was honored by Ohio State University in October with the Ralph Davenport Mershon award for exceptional leadership and service.

76  Robert W. Hughes, MBA’76, is selling his drilling-services business to pursue other ventures. He reports that son Brian was honored with an award from the NYC Graphics Design Club for his book Taxidriver Wisdom; daughter Melia teaches high-school English in Silicon Valley; and wife Pam, a Houston real-estate agent, has obtained U.S. citizenship after 29 years of residency. After 13 years of handling international-trade negotiations and dispute-settlement proceedings, Dale E. McNiel, JD’76, left the U.S. Department of Agriculture to join the law firm of McSeod, Watkinson, & Miller, where he will continue to handle international trade issues. An article by McNiel appeared in the Summer 1997 Yale Journal of International Law.

77 College alumni—Tony P. Mayo, AB’77, MBA’78, writes: Mark Shapiro, AB’77, recently relocated to Cambridge, MA, to become associate director of clinical research at the Genetics Institute. Daniel R. Wise, AB’77, and his wife, Lillian, have adopted three siblings born in Costa Rica. Anthony P. Mayo, AB’77, MBA’78, was featured with a full-page color photo on the cover of the business section of the Washington Times, as well as in the Small Business News and on three local television programs. The stories reported on Mayo’s new course, “Vitality, Service, and Outstanding Performance,” which trains business people to get great results at work while living satisfying, full lives. Lisa T. Rosenbaum, X’77, came to the College as a member of the class of 1977 and graduated with the class of ’77—at MIT. Her son is now a member of the College class of 2000. She wishes more of her Chicago classmates posted their e-mail addresses on the U of C’s alumni Web page (http://www2.uchicago.edu/alumni/gateway/). All of her MIT friends, of course, are on line! David L. Slutzky, AB’77, has changed his name from David Slutz and has also changed himself from an entrepreneur into a lawyer. He lives and works in D.C., where he is a senior policy adviser on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. Slutzky has three children.
College alumni, please send your news to: Tony P. Mayo, AB’77, MBA’78, 10915 Thanlet Lane, Reston, VA 20190-3922. Phone: 703/742-0845 (h). E-mail: tm@mayogenuine.com.
Other alumni news includes: Lois Grant Beck, AM’69, PhD’77, did anthropological research in Iran last year, studying “the impact of the revolution and the formation of the Islamic Republic on tribally organized nomadic pastoralists.” James D. Parsons, JD’77, a managing partner in the Chicago-based law firm Gardner, Carton, & Douglas, was elected a trustee of Denison University last year. Ending a nine-year term as chair of the political science department at the University of Louisville, Paul J. Weber, PhD’77, continues to direct the McConnell Center for Political Leadership. Stanley A. Zahler, SM’49, PhD’52, and Eleanor J. Zahler, X’52, share the news that daughter Kathy A. Zahler, MST’77, recently published her fifth book, Fifty Simple Things You Can Do to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read.

78 The Class of 1978 celebrates its 20th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
College alumni—Kent Maynard, AB’78, MBA’81, writes: Anthony F. Martin, AB’78, AM’79, and his wife, Marie Morningstar, report the birth of their “beautiful” daughter, Isabella, in May. Isabella is a world traveler, having already cruised “le canal du Midi” aboard a pénichette (or French canal boat). Anthony chairs the participation committee of Coopers & Lybrand, where he is also a member of the board of partners. Anthony and Marie state unequivocally that they will attend the Class of 1978 20th reunion in June. Carol Fulton Wright, AB’78, MBA’81, states that she and husband John J. Wright, AB’79, have been traveling quite a bit, including trips to Antarctica to see penguins, to Australia and the Solomon Islands to scuba-dive, and to Europe and Russia. John is a founding employee of Cisco Systems, where he is a software engineer.Mary L. Derwinski, AB’78, reports that her second daughter, Elizabeth Grace Parta, was born on June 13, 1996. Leslie K. Funk, AB’78, reports the birth of Elizabeth Anne Funk on March 19, 1995, and her transition from newspaper reporter to full-time mom. Leslie and her family now live in rural St. Mary’s County in southern Maryland, where she serves on the school-redistricting advisory board. Paul E. Gootenberg, AB’78, PhD’85, reports that he and his wife, Laura Lavín Sainz de la Pena Alcocer, a Mexican diplomat, are living in Brooklyn. Paul is a professor of Latin American history at SUNY­Stony Brook. Brian C. Goncher, AB’78, MBA’83, and Carrie Manley report the birth of their first child, William Goncher, and “are astounded by the happiness he brings” to them and “everyone he meets.” Brian has started his own firm, Frontier Venture Capital, to finance and manage Silicon Valley startups. “Life,” says Brian, “is sublime.” Michael W. Haederle, AB’78, is living in Alameda, NM, with his wife, Leslie Linthicum, and daughter Kate. Michael is a contract correspondent for People magazine and writes for the Los Angeles Times, American Archaeology, and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, among others. Kathi J. Kemper, AB’78, writes that son Daniel Kemper was born on March 7, 1997, and that she will attend the 20th reunion.
Kent Maynard, Jr., AB’78, MBA’81, and Elisa Scott Maynard report they are happily enslaved to two children in diapers: Charles Elliott, 2, and Anna (“Anita”) Scott, 2 months. Kent speaks only Spanish with Charles, who can count to “diez,” state with conviction that “El cielo es azul,” and appreciate the nuances of Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanos. Kent and his family will attend the reunion in June. William D. Murdoch, AB’79, is now flying the C-5 Galaxy, the largest airplane in the U.S. Air Force, out of Travis Air Force Base in northern California. William; his wife, Suzanne; and their daughters recently adopted a new family member—a stray poodle—from the local animal shelter. Mark S. Oles, AB’78, reports that he is blessed in many ways. His wife/best friend has given birth to a son; and a recent career change worked out well. Meredith M. Stead, AB’78, has a dance studio with her husband and partner, John Knapp, and has won several ballroom, swing, and country & western dance competitions. Meredith received a B.F.A. in dance from the California Institute of the Arts, was certified in the Alexander technique, and achieved critical success as a modern dancer in New York before branching into ballroom.
Jonathan H. Stein, AB’78, is senior trial counsel in the enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jonathan and his wife, Martha Gilboy, have two children: Benjamin, 6, and Casey, 2. Jonathan will attend the class reunion in June. Penny Reiner Venable, AB’78, is an independent business-process and systems-development consultant in San Francisco, where she lives with two very special Abyssinian cats and enjoys “nice weather and an active, holistic lifestyle.” Penny plans to attend the class reunion in June. John R. Throop, AB’78, continues to build his consulting firm, The Summit Group, which assists clients with strategic planning, values audits, and marketing platforms. Also an Episcopal priest, John is the vicar at Christ Church Limestone near Peoria, IL. As the church is housed in a stone chapel built in 1845 and the churchyard contains graves from the 1830s, John’s vicarage has entailed a crash course in historic preservation and cemetery management. John and his wife, Cindy Ford, are also busy redoing their “new” old house.
College alumni, please send your news to: Kent Maynard, AB’78, MBA’81, 2041 W. Dickens Ave., Chicago, IL 60647. Phone: 773/342-5845 (h).
Other alumni news includes: Tahera Ahmed, AM’78, joined the UN Population Fund in 1979 as a national officer in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is now an assistant representative there, helping her country to achieve the reproductive-health goals set at the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development. E-mail her at hansel@bdonline.com. Having completed her Ph.D. in American studies, Wendy E. Waisala, AM’78, pursues interests in science fiction, animal rights, irises, and jazz. She seeks “the elusive teaching position that combines rigorous academic standards, intellectual stimulation, and the atmosphere of the Medici coffeehouse.”

79 Sara E. Davis, AB’79, and husband Stephen Bache are moving to La Cañada Flintridge, CA, with their four children: Kathryn, 11; Elizabeth, 9; Christopher, 4 1/2; and Alexander, 2. Davis is a business analyst in the information technology department at Western Asset, a fixed-income money manager in Pasadena, CA. This winter, she and her family are visiting Andrew Koppelman, AB’79, who teaches at Northwestern University Law School and lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Valerie Quinn, and their son, Miles, 4. Barbara Hornung Harvey, AB’79, see 1952, Gilbert C. Hornung.

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