90 College alumni—Grace Chan, AB’90, AM’90, writes: Janet H. Cho, AB’90, a city news reporter for the Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sun-Sentinel and an alumna of the U of C’s Little Red Schoolhouse course, was recently elected national secretary of the Asian American Journalists Association. Her “campaign adviser” was John P. McGinn, AB’90, MBA’93. John C. Hayek, AB’90, is a second-year Ph.D. student in higher education at Indiana University. He was married in February 1997 and lives with his wife, Laura, in Bloomington. Mark M. Levandoski, SB’90, married Monica St. Angelo in Kansas City, MO, on October 11. The couple met during graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, where Mark received his Ph.D. in 1995. Mark F. Sasse, AB’90, is back in Chicago, working as an attending physician in the general-medicine division at Cook County Hospital. John N. Wanamaker, AB’90, and wife Karin are happy to announce the November 9 birth of their son, Hawken James. Hawken surprised his parents by arriving 12 days early but still weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs., 1 oz., and measured 22 inches long at birth.
College alumni, please send your news to: Grace P. Chan, AB’90, AM’90, 5824 South Kimbark Avenue, Apt. 1323, Chicago, IL 60637. Phone: 773/702-2603 (h). E-mail: gpc1@midway.uchicago.edu.
Other alumni news includes: Robert L. Bowles, AM’90, graduated magna cum laude from Suffolk University Law School in May and is a consultant for Unicare Life and Health Insurance Co. in Boston. He and wife Jennifer announce the July 19 birth of their first child, Elizabeth Blossom. Frederick H. Cohen, JD’90, was named a partner in the Chicago-based law firm Goldberg, Kohn, Bell, Black, Rosenbloom & Moritz, where he has specialized in business-litigation and intellectual-property law. James R. Egge, AM’90, joined the faculty of Denison University as a religion instructor. Mark R. Frey, AB’90, see 1991, Joanna L. Beu. Chandra Annette Greer, MBA’90, has left Leo Burnett USA, where she was an account supervisor, to pursue entrepreneurial interests. She was profiled in the September issue of Chicago magazine. Karin I. Janowski, MBA’90, is an assistant vice president and manager in the Chicago office of Sanwa Bank. John M. Jeep, PhD’90, and his wife, Lynda Hoffman Jeep, PhD’94, professors of German at Miami University, will codirect the university’s intensive program in Germany this summer. As president of Arceil Leadership Communication in Arlington Heights, IL, Thomas J. Lee, AM’90, advises management teams on strategic communication. Dirk A. Montgomery, MBA’90, was promoted to president of supply-chain management in the meats division of Sara Lee. He lives in Memphis, TN, with his wife, Caprice, and their daughter, Amanda. Patrick M. Robertson, MBA’90, and Kay Grout Robertson, JD’90, announce the birth of son Quinn Cameron, who joins older brother Ian McKenzie. Saj Sanjay, AB’90, see 1991, Julian Cohen. In fall 1997, the chamber-music group East Meets West Music Arts, of Naperville, IL, premiered the clarinet concerto Romance l’Image by music director Fengshi Yang, PhD’90.

91Joanna L. Beu, AB’91, and Jared R. Cloud, AB’91, JD’95, were married on August 12, 1995. Alumni in the wedding included Mark. R. Frey, AB’90; Daniel J. Stearns, AB’91, AM’93; and Mary Johnston Strauss, AB’91. When Julian Cohen, AB’91, and a Miami restaurant critic formed GeneratioN J Productions in 1996, they began by writing screenplays, scripts, and movie treatments. But they’ve  “ended up in fund-raising,” Cohen writes. Last year, for National Poetry Month, they paired local chefs with local poets—including Campbell McGrath, AB’86, winner of the 1997 Kingsley-Tufts award for poetry—in an event called Now Taste This!. When not at his day job doing market research for a medical malpractice insurer, Cohen is trying to sell a screenplay and write a novel. He notes, “Sure, there are drawbacks to Miami—the lack of culture, no public transportation, hurricanes, L.A.­style traffic, concealed-weapons permits, and the entire month of August.” But, he adds, “Sunset from my balcony is exquisite, something out of a Dali. When my U of C friends visit me (okay, only one visits me—Saj Sanjay, AB’90), they can’t figure out why they’re not living here.” Mary F. Cummins, AB’91, lives in Minneapolis, where she directs a benefit cabaret for the Guthrie Theater; manages a startup theater company, Three-Legged Race Productions; and studies shiatsu bodywork. Cummins would love to hear from Broadview and UT friends at MryFran@aol.com. Joan S. Friedman, AM’91, has moved from San Diego to Starkville, MS, where her husband accepted a position at Mississippi State. Friedman, now executive director of tourism for Starkville’s Visitors and Convention Council, extends “a warm Southern welcome” to alumni headed south. James H. S. Hong, AB’91, moved to Seattle two years ago and works as a project leader at Microsoft Corporation, where he has found “the brightest group I’ve been around since my days in Hyde Park, although here we debate the virtues of RDO vs. ODBC instead of moral relativism vs. moral objectivism.” Hong adds, “I’ve seen Bill four times.” David A. Suess, AB’91, passed the Illinois bar last year and began working for the law firm Jenner & Block in Chicago. This year, Suess has a judicial clerkship with the Supreme Court of Hawaii. Patricia W. Wong, AB’91, earned her J.D. and M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame last year and now works in the financial-services group at KPMG Peat Marwick in Chicago. E-mail her at pwong@kpmg.com.

92 College alumni—Lesley F. Kim, AB’92, writes: “Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.” Does this sound like your life? Have you been avoiding sending your news because you haven’t gotten married, climbed Mount Everest, or discovered the cure for the common cold? Well neither have most of the class of ’92, but we want to know how you’re doing anyway. New job? New city? New hobby? As they say, inquiring minds want to know. Sandra Cherfrere, AB’92, AM’92, is in her second year at the University of Florida College of Law (Sandra says: “GO GATORS!”). She spent last summer traveling in the south of France, Lon-don, Spain, Morocco, Germany, and Switzerland, and she hopes to study and work in Barbados this summer. She sends a big “hi” to Patrick, Eric, and Pilar. Dennis H. K. Khng, AB’92, lives in Singapore and hopes to hear from his U of C friends soon. Unfortunately, I lost his note with all those folks’ names, but I’m hoping you know who you are! Bibiana Kim Reiser, AB’92, and husband Kurt welcomed their son, Kieran Ji, to the world on November 21. Little Kieran came in at a healthy 7 lbs., 10 oz. Kira Signer, AB’92, is looking for housing in San Francisco, a task which she says is roughly as difficult as graduating from the U of C with a 4.0 GPA in chemistry. That’s gotta hurt. Otherwise, Kira has been busy planning events for the San Francisco alumni club, including a successful Habitat for Humanity project last fall. That’s it for now. Hope the winter months aren’t too harsh on you—remember, you probably have a U of C classmate you could be visiting in Florida or California.
College alumni, please send your news to: Lesley F. Kim, AB’92, 1364 25th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122-1525. Phone: 415/242-0187 (h). E-mail: lesley@statonhughes.com.
Other alumni news includes: Margaret Foley, MBA’92, works at Wellington Management Co. in Boston. William (“Bill”) J. Meyer, AM’88, PhD’92, a Presbyterian minister ordained in 1992, has been named an assistant professor of religion at Maryville College in Maryville, TN. Mark A. Niles, MBA’92, is an account manager for Degussa Corp. in Chicago. In September, Faith G. Paul, MAT’66, PhD’92, former president of the Public Policy Research Consortium in Northbrook, IL, was appointed director of educational outreach at the University of California, Davis, where she will help recruit low-income and disadvantaged students. Andrea Ballou Read, AM’84, PhD’92, see 1984, Russell Read.

93 The Class of 1993 celebrates its 5th reunion on June 5­7, 1998.
College alumni—Norman Yung, AB’93, writes: Samira Ahmed, AB’93, MAT’93, a high-school English teacher, serves on the teachers’ union’s executive board. Jeffrey T. Bloom, AB’93, is studying at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Katherine E. Brosman, AB’93, married Brian Deimlng on May 24 in Paris, where she was studying for a year at l’École Normale Supérieure. They continue their Ph.D. studies at Columbia in history and French. Michael C. Dodge, AB’93, received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School last June, then traveled around the world all summer before settling into San Francisco, where he has joined McKinsey & Co. In 1998, he is on assignment in Tokyo. Amy C. Ezrin, AB’93, lives in New York City, where she is training to sing opera. Lucia M. Flevares, AB’93, is working toward a Ph.D. in educational psychology at the University of Illinois. Erin K. Greene, AB’93, graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine in 1997. She is a general-surgery resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. Jason Hershberger, AB’93, married his high-school sweetheart, Inga Glodowski, and moved to Madison, WI, to start medical school. Jennifer Smith Holmes, AB’93, is finishing a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Minnesota. Spana Kan Sal, AB’93, graduated from the University of Illinois last May and is an intern at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She sends her best regards to Anshu A. Mittal, AB’93; Anuja Master, AB’93; and Sofia R. Shakir, AB’93. Stanley K. Kim, AB’93, is finishing his second year at NYU’s Stern School of Business. He will be working for American Express next year in its strategic-operations group. LeeAnn A. Koenig, AB’93, and Laurence L. Williams, Jr., AB’93, were married on June 28 in Denver, CO. They live in Brooklyn, where LeeAnn is a research assistant at the American Health Foundation and Laurence is a second-year medical student at CUNY Brooklyn. Kenneth C. Lee, AB’93, married Patricia Ju, a Northwestern alumna, on September 28 in Westbury, NY. The best man was Michael C. Dodge, AB’93, and the groomsman was Andrew Sword, AB’94. The newlyweds spent their two-week honeymoon exploring Hawaii. Joshua C. Leibowitz, AB’93, graduated from Harvard Business School in June and is working at McKinsey & Co. in New York. Mariann Lemke, AB’93, is completing graduate studies in international affairs at Columbia University.
Sok H. Nam, AB’93, is a fourth-year at UCLA’s medical school, and is applying for an ophthalmology residency. Edmund C. O’Brien, AB’93, is a lead writer for the CD-ROM trivia game You Don’t Know Jack at Jellyvision. Bret C. Okeson, AB’93, entered the graduate school of journalism at Columbia University. Karina B. Otoya, AB’93, AM’94, is studying for a Ph.D. in education and urban planning. Adam J. Park, AB’93, married Tina L. Klawinski, SB’92, MAT’93, and completed an M.B.A. and M.H.A. at Georgia State. The couple moved to Madison, WI, in December. Todd R. Pray, SB’93, married Meilee L. Chen, AB’93, in Bond Chapel in July 1993. Todd is a graduate student at UCSF in the biophysics doctoral program, and Meilee is in podiatry school at California College of Podiatric Medicine. Paul J. E. Reese, AB’93, is working on a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Illinois.
Jean M. Twenge, AB’93, AM’93, will graduate with a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Michigan in May. She unfortunately will miss the Class of 1993’s five-year reunion. Wendy L.Wilbanks, AB’93, married Joseph A. Meckes in San Francisco. Their daughter, Julia Louise, was born on September 19. Wendy passed the Illinois bar last summer, and both she and her husband have passed the California bar. Shantelle E. Williams, AB’93, was promoted to senior consultant at Andersen Consulting. A graduate student in training and development at Loyola University Chicago, she also studies West African dance. Norman C. W. Yung, AB’93, married Tang Min (Tracey) on August 31 in his New Jersey hometown. Yung is studying for an M.B.A. at Northwestern University. David L. Zweifler, AB’93, spent two and a half years in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an editor and reporter with the Jakarta Post and a corporate-finance analyst at PT Makindo. He works as an equity analyst at Bear Stearns Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong.
College alumni, please send your news to: Norman C. W. Yung, AB’93, 1725 Orrington Ave.,  Evanston, IL 60201. E-mail: nyung@nwu.edu.
Other alumni news includes: Patrick B. Fisher, AM’93, is the father of twin sons, Bradley Michael B. and Bradley Patrick B., born October 10. The new father also started a new job as a program evaluator and statistician at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Susan Sessions Rugh, AM’86, PhD’93, has joined the faculty of Brigham Young University as an assistant professor in history.

94 Jacqueline McCubbin Becker, MBA’94, was elected a vice president and director of Sverdrup Investments, a real-estate development and property-management subsidiary. Rebecca E. Begelman, AB’94, spent three years in the Japan Exchange and Teaching program and is attending law school at Washington University in St. Louis. E-mail her at rebegelm@ls.wustl.edu. Michael W. Harvath, PhD’94, has accepted a position as assistant professor of economics at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, CA. A former instructor aboard Navy vessels, Harvath writes: “After spending two years in the middle of the ocean, I’m ready to settle down in Bakersfield for the next 30 years!” Lynda Hoffman Jeep, PhD’94, see 1990, John M. Jeep. Anthony G. McClendon, AB’94, received an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in 1996 and worked as a financial analyst at the Sears Merchandising Group in Hoffman Estates, IL, before switching in November to the corporate institutional-banking group at First Chicago NBD.
95Jason A. Helgerson, AM’95, is the capital planning and finance specialist for the city of Milwaukee. Rachel S. Mo, AB’95, in her first year of veterinary school at Cornell, notes: “It’s about the furthest thing from my first-year Hum and SocSci class I could ever think of, being planted very much in the earthy realm of hooves, udders, and rumens.” Tamar (“Tami”) Sagher, AB’95, writes and performs for Second City’s nationally syndicated television show The Sports Bar. She also performs in the River Ants revue on Second City’s e.t.c. stage in Chicago.

96 College alumni—Asha Banker, AB’96, writes: Andrew C. Chang, AB’96, has moved past his days of fencing at the U of C and ran the Chicago marathon in October. He recently moved to Atlanta to work as a video journalist for CNN. 
College alumni, please send your news to: Asha Banker, AB’96, 140 W. 69th St., Apt. 102A, New York, NY 10023. Phone: 212/724-6844 (h). E-mail: asha.banker@gs.com.
Other alumni news includes: Fang Deng, PhD’96, an assistant professor in sociology at  North Central College in Naperville, IL, was granted tenure in September. In August, Toshihisa Shibuya, MBA’96, was transferred to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “an exciting, rapidly developing city,” he writes. Joyce C. Smith, AM’96, is a teaching fellow and doctoral student at Fordham University.

97 Leah A. Kaplan, AB’97, teaches biology at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY.

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