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Zoologist tracks damselflies, fairy-wrens, and Hyde Park's tropical life:Known for his own colorful Hawaiian shirts, Stephen Pruett-Jones, associate professor in ecology & evolution, the Committee on Evolutionary Biology, and the College, has embarked on the first major biological and ecological study of America's monk parakeet population.

China's Scholar : Dali Yang, assistant professor in political science and the College, has made it his mission to explain his native country as it becomes more active in global economics and politics.

Of Meth and Men: Amid growing public-health concerns, University of Chicago researchers are working to provide more concrete information on how pregnant mothers' use of the drug methamphetamine may affect their newborns.
  Gang Economics : It's not every economist who decides to tackle the topic of urban youth's involvement with gangs and drugs. Yet, says Steven Levitt, assistant professor in economics and the College, "crime is an extremely important issue and one that is really not studied enough, especially in academe-an economist might have something interesting to say."
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