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Tuition and other changes

The total cost of attending the College in 1999–2000, including tuition, room and board, and student fees, will increase 3.8 percent from last year, to $32,069.

Tuition will go up 4 percent to $23,820, while room and board charges, which were frozen last year, will rise by 3 percent to $7, 835.

At the same time, the Office of College Aid will allocate $35.3 million in University funds, 5.3 percent more than last year, to student-aid packages.

The aid office will also change its policy on scholarships. Until now, students who received scholarships from non-University sources had their University grants reduced by a corresponding amount. This fall, outside scholarships will no longer affect University aid.

Curricular changes to the College include the introduction of three new concentrations—in ancient studies, international studies, and comparative literature.

The comparative-literature program is designed to attract students who are proficient in foreign languages, want to tackle transnational questions, are interested in the relationship between literature and culture, and want to “transcend the traditional demarcations of national literary history and area studies,” says David Bevington, the Phyllis Fay Horton professor in the humanities and director of undergraduate studies in comparative literature.

On a smaller scale, new course offerings in the College will include an environmental chemistry class in which students will focus on the science underlying the formation and fate of chemicals in Chicago’s environment.—J.P.

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