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June-August 1999

A day in the life of the College: Remember April 21, 1999? It was a Wednesday. It rained. In words and photos, the College Report covers the day on campus. --Charlotte Snow
Interview: Bill Brown: As master of the Humanities Collegiate Division, Bill Brown adds to his own general education.

Overachieving Pays: Truman scholar Catherine Potter, í00, is one of a bevy of College students to win national honors.

Activist Shirlee Taraki takes on the Taliban: Shirlee Taraki, ABí43, AMí47, works against the Talibanís restrictive edicts on Afghan women.
Pomp and Special Circumstance: President Bill Clinton didnít deliver the official Commencement address, but he did meet the Class of 1999.
U of C students prove they really do know it all: Question: At which Midwestern university would it be unwise to join a game of Trivial Pursuit? Answer: the University of Chicago
Campus Cotton Club: Celebrating black culture from the 17th through the 20th centuries, the Organization of Black Students presented “Throughout Time,” its third annual cultural show, on April 24 in Mandel Hall.
Tuition and other changes:The total cost of attending the College in 1999–2000, including tuition, room and board, and student fees, will increase 3.8 percent from last year, to $32,069.
The power of words: Spurring a state investigation of the Apollo Theatre with a series of editorials he co-wrote, Michael Aronson, AB’85, has reason to say that “journalists can make a real impact on society.”
Healthier home care: The case of Ward, et al. v. Trusted Health Resources, Inc., et al. had already been turned down by a number of lawyers and was about to expire under the Massachusetts statute of limitations when it reached Timothy Lynch, AB’82.
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