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Economist Judith Chevalier goes down whatever aisles the numbers take her.The GSB professor checks out economic theories in supermarkets, casinos, mutual-fund companies, mergers, and drug firms.

The kelp cabal:After studying the ecology of Tatoosh Island for more than a decade, Catherine Pfister and Timothy Wootton consider the tiny rise of land off the Washington coast a second home.

  Land Down Under:Traveling to Australia on a Watson Fellowship in 1984, Elizabeth Povinelli watched as the city of Darwin encroached on the rural area of Madpil.
  A Moral Contract:A decade ago, when associate professor of history Amy Dru Stanley began researching the intellectual history of contractual relationships during the Reconstruction era, she avoided discussion of the matter entirely. Her topic, she found, was too obscure for others to easily grasp. “But,” she quickly adds, “things have changed since then.”
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