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Welcome to the JULY issue of UCHICAGO.EDU, a monthly e-bulletin bringing you online news about the University of Chicago and its larger community of alumni and friends.

The JULY–AUGUST/08 University of Chicago Magazine is almost in the mail—and it’s also online at:

First, the breaking news:

Systems-Level Science Gets Big Support
Inspired by plans to build new fields of expertise and expand existing efforts in scientific programs spanning the biological, physical, and social sciences, Chicago futures trader William Eckhardt, SM’70, has given $20 million to the University in support of the Physical Sciences Division. Renovated to become a major venue for systems-level research, the University’s Research Institutes building will be named in Eckhardt’s honor.

In this Issue

Number Cruncher
Nate Silver, AB’00, can’t hit a fastball, but he’s an ace at dissecting baseball stats. And Major League Baseball has taken notice.

If I Had a Boat…
Of Milestones and Momentum After he retired from medicine and moved to the Lake Michigan coast, Stephen Sittler, AB’62, discovered his life’s work.

Of Milestones and Momentum
The best way to judge the success of the Chicago Initiative, the University’s most ambitious fund-raising effort to date, is by how well it will help the University live up to its motto, Crescat scientia; vita excolatur:

More News from Chicago

College Class Sets Diversity Marks—Again
Of the roughly 1,300 incoming undergraduates, African American, Hispanic, Asian, and international students make up 48 percent of the class—compared to last year’s record 43 percent. The College Class of 2012 includes 8.5 percent African American students, 16.7 percent Asian students, 12.5 percent Hispanic students, and 10.3 percent international students. Meanwhile, the number of first-year students from lower-income families is up 28 percent from 2007–08. Admissions officials attribute the record diversity numbers, in part, to the Odyssey Scholarship program, established by an anonymous $100 million gift last year.

Silos in the City Offer Clues to Urban Life

Research at Chicago

Silos in the City Offer Clues to Urban Life
Although Egypt’s pyramids and temples get the most press, the ancient civilization spawned cities as well as monuments. An Oriental Institute expedition led by archaeologist Nadine Moeller recently discovered clues to early urban life there. Digging at the southern Egypt site of Tell Edfu, researchers unearthed a large administration building and a courtyard of grain silos in what would have been the city’s downtown.

How We Talk When We Talk with Our Hands
Word order in spoken languages can vary, but the grammar of gestures remains constant across cultures, says Chicago psychologist Susan Goldin-Meadow. Testing native speakers of four different languages and children who lost their hearing before they learned to talk, Goldin-Meadow found that all of them used the same sentence structure—subject, object, verb—when communicating with gestures alone. The research challenges the notion that peoples’ native tongues shapes how they think.

Today @ UChiBLOGo

Dancing with Dips
The Magazine’s Web log learns salsa moves at a Latin dance workshop.

From the University of Chicago Alumni Association

Get the Picture(s) from June’s Alumni Weekend
More than 4,300 alumni, graduating students, and guests attended Alumni Weekend this year. Almost that many Dan Dry photographs of the event—and the attendees—are available for viewing and free downloading.

Nominate the Next Alumni Award Winners
Help the Alumni Association recognize achievement and outstanding service by nominating Chicago graduates for the 2009 Alumni Awards. Nominations are due October 15, and winners will be honored during the 2009 Alumni Weekend. Find out more about the nomination process—and submit nominations.

Calling all Travelers
Join alumni and friends and a faculty lecturer on an educational adventure. Spaces remain on our 2008 trip to Thailand and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan (October 14–26). Our 2009 trip offerings will be announced soon.

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