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graphic:  features :: Can behavioral economics save us from ourselves?

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:: Confessions of a scholar-blogger

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Can behavioral economics save us from ourselves?

Traditional economics holds that humans, as rational beings, make choices to maximize their welfare. Richard Thaler argues that policy makers would do well to remember that rationality has its bounds.
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image:  campus map Crescent boon
The Oriental Institute links lands from Mesopotamia through modern Israel—and reintroduces its east wing.
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image:  Confessions of a scholar-blogger Confessions of a scholar-blogger
The writer, editor, and publisher of reveals how he balances his day job as an assistant professor with his passion for electronic commentary.
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image:  too late in the day Too late in the day
Summer 1955: South Sider Ronne Hartfield graduates from the U of C--and her young neighbor, Emmett Till, is murdered in Mississippi.
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