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Volume 95, Issue 1
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"…so one-sided it falls off my bookshelf."

Generation gaffe
While enjoying George McElroy's reminiscences about his youthful encounter with the Great Bookies ("Great Men of the Great Books," August/02), I was startled to see Richard McKeon's confrere, Ronald Crane, identified as the holder of two U of C degrees granted in the 1940s. While Ronald F. ("Bro") Crane did indeed earn an A.B. and an A.M. before and after his combat service in World War II, it was his father, Ronald S. Crane, who taught Mr. McElroy and who, as chairman of the English department, took the lead in reshaping its requirements to develop students' analytic and critical competence. Was your copy editor tricked by a computer program that matches names with degrees?

Incidentally, R. S. Crane also taught Justice John Paul Stevens, featured in the same issue.

Homer Goldberg, AB'47, AM'48, PhD'61
Setauket, New York

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