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:: On the shelf: a selection of alumni books

:: On screen: The Proof is in the setting

:: Center stage: upcoming cultural events.

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:: Deaths

:: From our pages: A look back through the Magazine

:: Architectural details: Star-crossed staircase

:: Photographic memory: Guerilla child care


Peer Review

image:  Peer Review
Michael Dinges, MFA’05, created PVC Drum (2005) for his MFA thesis exhibition, Hidden Degrees of Freedom, at Midway Studios.
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Arts & Letters

photo:  some students walk into a bar...Some students walk into a bar...
It may sound like the start of a joke, but it was the birth of improv comedy.
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photo:  old art is new againOld art is new again
Artist Dan Peterman recycles his recycled art for the Smart Museum.
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photo:  dogCultural Studies
Chicago had one hot summer, marked by weeks of 90-degree days and widespread reliance on the classic cool-offs: lots of liquids, lots of shade, and lots of time-out.
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