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:: By Mary Ruth Yoe

:: Photography by Dan Dry

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Features ::

Argonne Almanac

Argonne Numbers

Annual operating budget: $475 million

photo:  argonne almanacArgonne-sponsored research projects: 200

Approximate number of Argonne employees: 2,900

Scientists and engineers: 1,000

Percentage of science and engineering personnel with doctorates: 60

Argonne employees with joint appointments at Chicago: 100

Nationalities represented by lab employees: 61

Researchers using Argonne labs each year: 4,000

Experiments conducted using the Advanced Photon Source in FY 05: 2,660

Percentage of APS researchers from academic institutions (U.S. and abroad): 70

Companies Argonne has worked with since 1990: 600

Patents received since 1990: 750

Spin-off companies: 34

Distance of Argonne’s Lemont, Illinois, campus from the quads, in miles: 27.2

In minutes, without traffic: 40

Number of buildings: 106

Gross square feet of space: 4.6 million

Number of acres: 1,500

Number of undeveloped acres: 700

Terrestrial vertebrate species commonly seen at Argonne: 77

Deer species: 2

Average population of Argonne’s fallow deer herd: 40

Rumors linking the European deer’s white fur to effects of radiation: countless

Total dose of radiation a person who stood three-tenths of a mile from Argonne would receive per year: 0.06 millirems

Radiation dose from a typical medical chest X-ray: 20 millirems

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