The University of Chicago Magazine April 1996
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Photography by Lloyd DeGrane

My mom always used laundry as a sort of bargaining chip in her favor; she insisted that doing laundry at school would be such a hassle that I would miss her doing the laundry at home. Yes,

doing laundry at school is a hassle, but it's not a very big hassle.

I just pop in my card, select the washer, and press "whites" or "colors"-and shazam!
-Tim Ray, first-year B.J. resident

Spared change: Tim Ray makes use of his University of Chicago card, which will automatically charge his laundry bill to an account. The card, which debuted last fall, also works on campus vending and copy machines.

Sign of the times: In some dorms, residents vote whether to make their floor's bathrooms "co-ed" certain hours of the day. Modesty prevails for showers, which are kept single-sex.

Chat room: First- year B.J. resident Ismael Archbold offers distraction in the form of a College portrait directory as friends study in the room of Andrea Sims, right. Noted photographer DeGrane,"Studying was completely woven into everyone's lives," even those socializing.

Constant craving: While the dining-hall staff takes pride in its nutritionally balanced meals and vegetarian alternatives, cheeseburgers remain a perennial student favorite. Delivered pizza is another guilty pleasure.

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