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February 1997


The ice rink cometh

Lloyd DeGraneAnd, yes, we have a Zamboni. An Olympic-sized ice rink, complete with refrigeration system, opened on the Midway in late November. It's one of eight new rinks constructed by the city's Park District,and will be dismantled in late March for reinstallation each fall.

Postcard from the ridge

Geophysical sciences professor Fred Anderson capped his recent class, Field Course in Geology and Geophysics, by taking his students on a trip to Iceland. With aid from a College grant, three undergraduates went along to see plate tectonics in action. Tectonics theory posits two main kinds of plate boundaries: convergent and divergent. The latter occur in oceanic ridges, but Iceland's glacial past provides the earth's only above-sea examples. At a hot spring near the site of a 1984 volcanic eruption, Anderson's group watched boiling water and sulfurous steam bubble through the mud--subglacial volcanism that parallels its submarine cousin.

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