The University of Chicago Magazine

February 1997


Blending poetry with calligraphy
and painting, the artists followed
where the brush led

So Pyong-o
Bamboo and Rock

"...I light a candle to paint a wind-blown bamboo as the brush leads me," the artist wrote on this paper scroll. Ink bamboo painting in particular was associated with the brush techniques of calligraphy. Here, overlapping layers of ink wash make the plant's center leaves look snarled and heavy.

  • Ch'oe Puk (1712-ca.1786): Landscape

  • So Pyong-o (1862­1935): Bamboo and Rock

  • Chong Son (1676­1759): Kumgang-san (Diamond Mountains)

  • Chi Un-yong (1852-1935): Standing Portrait of Su Tung-p'o

  • Chong Son (1676­1759): Old Pine Tree at Sajik Altar

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